Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,3GUPU Grass(mesona)-sweet soup with grass jelly,grass jelly on shaved ice

Grass jelly on shaved ice in summer,sweet soup with grass jelly in winter

Front door

From Exit 2 of Houshanyu MRT Station, 
there is a very obvious corner signboard, 
[3GUPU Grass], which has been open here for more than ten years. 
Don't miss it when you pass by, but you always miss it!

Compared with bean curd, it is a little more unpopular.
 It should be a little more people who don't accept the taste of fairy grass.
 It has a kind of herbal flavor and 
will not think that it is drinking Chinese medicine.


The space in the store is not big, about 10-15 people can be seated,
 so there are a lot of customers who take it out. 
It is very convenient to take it back and eat it.
Afternoon tea is also a good choice.

If you don’t see the introduction, 
you don’t know that it takes so much time and time to 
cook the grass.In order to finally form this bowl of grass in your hand.


There are many different changes on the basis of grass(mesona), 
but there are other sweet soups or bean curd meals. I believe that these performances will not be as bright as grass, so I will always order grass here .

In winter, of course, you have to eat sweet soup with grass jelly,
 in addition to warming the body can also add calories, 
the grass itself has no sweetness, the sweetness of other ingredients,
 the combination will not feel very greasy. 
The most feared is that the temperature is not hot enough to eat.
 Occasionally this happens!

Of course, in the summer, I want to eat the grass jelly on shaved ice. 
The ingredients in the sweet soup with grass jelly and 
the integrated grass jelly on shaved ice are basically the same. 
The shape of the grass is different. 
One liquid is solid, and the aroma of the grass is very rich. .

Grass(mesona) is delicious. You can try the taste of herbal medicine.
 If the ingredients are a little ordinary, t
he round and round taste is not my favorite. 
The beans are cooked very soft, and the extra sugar should not be so much. 
It is more than the original taste, 
and there is not much added to the pure taste, 
which is less burdensome to the body. 
Personal advice is to eat Grass(mesona) here! After all, it is a signboard~~~



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