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Indian Restaurant - Exotic Cuisine

The 4th floor of ATT4FUN is a collection of dishes from different countries.
Among them is Indian cuisine. When I think of India, I think of curry,
 but it is an Indian vegetable restaurant.
 I can't imagine what the Indian version of vegetarian food looks like. 
This is the reason for choosing to try, interesting!

The three idiots' names are also taken from the movie 3 idiots. 
There is an inexplicable familiarity. If the three fools are chefs cooking, 
don't know if they can eat?

It is well known that curry is made with many spices. 
India is a country that is very good at using a variety of spices. 
Except that curry is a known food, other strange spices will not be terrible. 
Can you accept it? Both expecting and fearing hurt.

I have never been to India, I can't see if the decor is also a local style.
 This rocking chair is a bit of a feeling. 
The chef and the service staff are also foreigners (Chinese speaker),
 like being in a foreign restaurant.

I want to secretly bring the cup home. Who will use this cup to drink water?

Pani puri(deep fried wheat flour balls filled with spicy and sour mint jaljira) NTD$240
The service staff will introduce the way of eating. It is very interesting. 
The ball is very crisp like a ball and the inside is hollow.
 After knocking a hole from above,
 you can put the ingredients and sauce into it and eat it together.

A single smell of crispy balls will have a little oily taste.
 After all, it is fried and served with a strange spice sauce that 
cannot be described. There is a commonly used spice in it, 
or a familiar and unfamiliar feeling. You can try it.
 It takes time to get used to this taste.
It is estimated that some people can't accept it.

Avocado Vegetable Salad NTD$240
The superb sincerity given by avocado is a veritable avocado salad.

Potato Pancake $320
Salad, spice curry, coconut sauce, tomato chutney, potato chips.

Eat with a pancake sauce, and a pancake like a crepe. 
If you use a bag, it should be good. The taste is different!

The potato is seasoned with spices, quite good, 
the tomato chutney is wonderful, and the sour and 
spicy combination of the tomato's scent.
 The most common is the potato chips, 
which are suitable for picking sauce.

arabic veg. platter NTD$360

Hummus falafel homemade salsa sauce,
 wheat pitta bread.
Salad, pickled cucumber, ketchup,
 yellow mustard sauce, potato chips.

This is a pocket cake. After opening, put the salad dressing, hummus, 
and fried food into it. The taste is very mild and not irritating, 
the most unpredictable dish!

Indian Tali (3 kinds of curry) NTD$360
With salad, whole wheat bread, pickles, potato chips, spices rice.
The three curries are spiced lentils, daal tarka + alu gobi + chole masala ,
 rice , wheat toast. The curries are mild and non-irritating, 
not heavy and sweet. I like this spice very much.
 Accept it faster! But it is not the same as the
 traditional Indian locality or improved.

The last thing left is the sauce, and each meal is very large, 
which is very suitable for sharing with friends.

Dessert: GULAB JAMUN NTD$80, rice pudding(kheer) NTD$80

Each person needs to order a main course, 
and all meals above must be added 10% service charge.

Although eating a curry without meat, it is a carnivorous thing after nothing.
 After eating this meal, it is full and satisfying.
 It opens a new door for Indian cuisine, not just the general cognition of curry.
 The changes are still a lot of things, it is a fun experience,
 and it will not be rejected. It is occasionally a little greasy when you eat curry. 
There is no such feeling here.

3 Idiots Toast & Curry印度蔬食信義店


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