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Graduated from the Sandwich Laboratory?

The Eastern District Road on Sunday morning was very quiet, 
very strange, and it was very popular to come to the Eastern District.
 Not to mention the nearby breakfast shop, and have not slept yet. 
It coincided with the friend of the South coming up 
to gather in the Zhongxiao revival, 
so I saw another unseen East District in the morning,
 in order to fill the hungry stomach after the boat, 
I found the breakfast research institute.

The shops around the store have not yet opened, 
and the customers gathered at the door of the store are very attractive.
 It is easy to find the breakfast research institute. 
Are everyone getting up so early? 
There are still a lot of people waiting in line for dinner. 
We all waited for 20 minutes to get the sandwich.

Time relationship, we did not eat breakfast on the spot, 
is directly packaged and taken, the breakfast research institute is not big, 
there is no seat inside, there are 3-4 small tables placed at the door, 
probably only 8 people. Come early. 
There is also a small cart at the door that sells 
handmade coffee and other drinks.

Their menu is very simple, 9 kinds of sandwiches and 3 kinds of drinks, 
there are not many options in the general breakfast shop, 
it is a lot less trouble.

Breakfast price is a bit high! The price/performance ratio 
depends on the individual.

The breakfast of the breakfast laboratory is hand-made. 
The ingredients are also selected by the boss's wife.
 Try to use the original flavor of the ingredients,
 but add other materials to add flavor.

The sandwiches that are eaten on the spot, the store will cut in half, 
just like the placement on the menu. 
The takeaway sandwich is placed in a paper bag and is a complete sandwich. 
The store does not want the sauce to flow out after the cut.

Sit on the bus to open the sandwich.
 If you don't pay attention to the mark on the outer packaging, 
you can't even tell the difference between 
the cheese pork with spicy sauce and Taiwanese flavor pork.

The difference between the two is that there is a special hot sauce and 
Cheddar cheese. The taste is not very strong. 
The toast is not so crispy, it is soft and tastes salty. 
It is not sure to add it for the whole seasoning.
 Or the toast is salty and salty. In addition to the mayonnaise, 
the pork and the egg are the original flavor. 
There are no other cucumbers, onions, lettuce and other vegetables.
 The first bite will feel a bit dull, nothing special. 
This is a simple and simple sandwich bar, 
which is the original taste of food, and it needs fresh ingredients.

If a boy wants to eat enough, it should not be enough.
 It takes about two copies. It depends on the price,
 but I should go to another place. The sandwich is good,
 not a very exaggerated breakfast.

Very special owner and his wife!


電話:0905 019 538


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