Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,JENJUDAN-Brown Sugar bubble Milk-Taipei City Hall station

'Brown sugar bubble milk ‘’, handing the most memorable taste and enjoying the happiest taste

It is the hand-shake beverage shop that has been popular in recent years.
 It has a place in Taiwan's hand-cranked beverage shop. 
Usually, I don't like drinking beverages very much,
 unless I buy it and drink it deliberately, 
or I might never know what it tastes.

Different from the previous bubble milk tea, 
now people have a growing knowledge of health. 
If there is a drink that is delicious and not too guilty, 
basically a lot of people will rush to buy it, 
so the improvement of traditional bubble milk tea After that,
 the black sugar bubble milk is very attractive. 
Although the brown sugar is also sugar,
 it is considered to be healthy compared to white sugar.
 Instead of using too much milk to replace the creamer,
 there is no need to say too much. 
You can buy a cup to drink occasionally!

The decoration of Jenjudan uses a lot of wooden classical feelings. 
Although it is a beverage shop, it is not like going to a beverage shop.
 When I see so many people waiting in line, 
it will make people wonder what the store is selling. .

At lunch time, I ran out at work nearby. 
Some people bought a lunch box and 
added a cup of brown sugar bubble milk, 
otherwise they took it to dinner. 
To supplement the lost sugar and physical strength of work, 
it is more spiritual (excuses) in the afternoon.

In order to wait for a cup of black sugar bubble milk, 
I probably waited for 20 minutes to get the hand.
 It is so long to drink a drink in normal times.
 I have already left people and bought it. 
In order to drink once, I endured it! !

I sweated when the weather was hot, and the drink also sweated.

Before shaking, the brown sugar bubble are at the bottom of the cup,
 and the fresh milk is on it. It is really nonsense.

After shaking, the black sugar juice will be combined with fresh milk. 
The sweetness comes from brown sugar. 
It won't be as sweet as traditional bubble milk tea.
 It will be greasy after drinking bubble milk tea.
 This will not, the sweetness is just right,
there will be no So sweet and sweet, the milky aroma of fresh milk,
 plus thebubble that are not soft and rotten, 
are not bad! Without shaking and evenly drinking,
 there will be a gradual taste and a fusion in the mouth.



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