Food in Taipei,Da'an District,N.Y. Bagels Cafe Afternoon Tea-Chat Drinks and Spend Time

N.Y. Bagels Cafe Afternoon Tea Time

After eating lunch with friends, I was looking for a place to 
have a drink and chat. 
I didn't expect Starbucks to be all people. 
I couldn't find a chair. I thought there was a N.Y.bagels cafe 
near the Renai Circle.
 It was so free on Sunday afternoon?

It seems that the masses are very lazy (misunderstanding), 
very unlike the N.Y.bagels cafe I know, it is also very wonderful, 
saying that you want to eat bagel many times here, 
but when you come, you can't eat bagel. Just prepare a drink!

The interior lighting is bright and the environment is clean and tidy.

Most of the seats are upstairs, not too much, and are slightly crowded.

Although it is a sofa seat, sitting very tight, sitting 4 people should feel uncomfortable.

Cold Lemon Tea Grapefruit Smoothie

Cold Lemon Tea Grapefruit Smoothie NTD$120

Caramel Popcorn with Coffee Milkshake

Caramel Popcorn with Coffee Milkshake NTD$150

French fries

French fries NTD$95

The drinks are not bad, the taste of lemon citron can be tasted, 
the sweet and sour is very hot, the caramel sauce popcorn is not my dish, 
but the friends drink is still satisfied, 
my spirit is concentrated on the fries, Especially with the skinned potato,
 the solid taste and the potato aroma,
 can not withstand the temptation of it, 
has always prevented the hand to take it, 
stained with white ranch, is one of the best choices besides tomato sauce. 
It is a comfortable afternoon tea time, 
there are not many people and there is no too noisy voice, 
next time I have the opportunity to come to eat Bagel!



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