Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Pengji Crispy Stinky Tofu and Oyster vermicelli-Taipei City Hall station

The charming fragrance of Taiwanese streetfood in Yongji Road Alley

Taiwan's most fascinating and unforgettable scent, 
hate and fear it when it is not eaten, eat and addictive, 
can't stop. Classic street food [stinky tofu] 
not stinky stinky tofu is not stinky tofu!

Stinky tofu

This Peng Ji crispy tofu in the alley, a small storefront,
 is still at the corner of the alley, so the store is small,
 the seats are few, only 4 to 5 seats. Therefore,
 there is a minimum consumption of NTD$45/person. 
In fact, as long as you order a meal, you can reach the target. 
The boss does not want someone to occupy the position, 
so that other guests have no place to sit, 
and write that if the low-headed family recommends taking it. 
Just know how rare the seats are!

Nowadays, stinky tofu is rarely seen in residential areas or in urban areas.
 The nearby homes will have a lot of opinions and there will be equipment for disposal.

There is also an important side dish to eat stinky tofu,
Taiwanese kimchi(Taiwanese pickled cabbage)without this is like something missing, not a complete one. This is limited to the fried stinky tofu, 
and the steamed stinky tofu and spicy stinky tofu are different.

This shop, you want to add another Taiwanese kimchi, 
there is no way to directly write limited production. 
I have to be careful when I eat, I want a bite of tofu and a kimchi!

Stinky tofu

Crispy stinky tofu NTD$50, 4 pieces of crispy stinky tofu plus table kimchi, 
when the snack is just right, the fried is very crisp,
 the outer crispy is soft, cut into the sauce in the middle, 
so that the middle can also absorb the sauce In the mouth, 
you can smell a touch of stinky bean curd, and it is not particularly strong.

I will put some of the table kimchi into the middle opening, 
and eat more rich taste. The tender tofu inside the crispy skin and 
the crispy mouth of the kimchi can also relieve the greasy,
 really want to take a bite. Delicious ~~! ! !



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