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Yue-Guang Rice、Premium Rice with Sweet Potato Medley、Nourishing Quinoa& White Rice

RICE BAR.Is it always fragrant, always scented? ? 
Originally a brand of Wacheng Group, unlike the previous Thai cuisine, 
rice bar is a popular menu that combines Sichuan cuisine, 
Taiwanese and Cantonese style, plus its own unique recipes,
 [cross-cooked Chinese cuisine], and rice. Cultural integration. 
Simply put, it is very easy to go to dinner!

This is located on the sixth floor of the Breeze Nanshan. 
In addition to the elevator or escalator, the next door is the Wacheng Thai.

rice sample

At the door, different types of rice of different colors are 
displayed to echo the rice food culture as the core.


It was very festive to see it, and there were large red lanterns hanging.

The seating area with large floor-to-ceiling windows is for Xinyi Road.
 You can see Taipei 101, but all of them are seats for 4 people. 
If you exceed the number of people, 
you will not have the chance to sit there!

There are three kinds of rice to choose from, Yue-Guang Rice,
 Premium Rice with Sweet Potato Medley, 
Nourishing Quinoa& White Rice, NTD$45/ per person, 
unlimited supply, like we choose Premium Rice 
with Sweet Potato Medleyand Nourishing Quinoa& White Rice. 
Usually I don't like eating rice so much, I eat 2 bowls,
 but it is related to the taste of cooking. If you look down, you will know why.

3.5-Cup Chicken with Pig's Blood Rice Cake NTD$350
 in addition to the traditional rice wine, 
but also added Huadiao wine, when eating,
 there will be another fragrance, which also contains rice blood cake.

Stir-fried Minced Pork & Chive Blossoms NTD$230

Omelet with Dried Radish & Scallions NTD$260, 
coated with a sauce like sweet and spicy sauce,
 the dish is very heavy and it is heavier. I don't think it's better!

Shredded Potato Sautéed with Vinegar NTD$180, the normal level, 
is the point of the dish, the salt is the least.

Sautéed Water Spinach with Fermented Tofu NTD$200,
 really not the usual salty, basically the most salty Sautéed Water Spinach
 has been eaten so far.

Steamed Halibut with Pickled Cummingcordia Fruit NTD$430, 
the meat is dense and fresh and tender, and the seasoning is normal. 

Chilled Mango Sago Cream with Pomelo (Iced) NTD$120, 
the clerk was dumbfounded when he was on the table. 
It really felt normal when he saw it. After eating it,
 he found it really not good.

 The friend also ordered a Glutinous Rice Balls Filled 
with Black Sesame & Peanut (Hot)  for $110, which is also ordinary.
 Desserts should not be easily ordered.

We have a total of 5 people, and we eat about $450 per person.
 It is very rich. Everyone eats more than 2 bowls of rice. 
Because they really can't eat but only eat, all the dishes are heavy.
 [Salty], there are a few dishes that are already on the edge for me. 
People who don’t usually taste so heavy will be less salty. 
Of course, it’s perfectly fine for the meal, 
the reason for RICE BAR. Maybe it is here.

Taipei Breeze Nan Shan Store
Open Hours
Sun~Wed 11:00-21:00
Thur~Sat 11:00-22:00 (供餐至21:00)
MRT 101 Station


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