Food in Taipei,Da'an,Zhujiaoguishen-Korean Jokbal restaurant, Pig knuckle, Lettuce with Meat,Zhongxiao Dunhua Station (Closed)

What is the taste of Korean pig knuckle(jokbal) that appear on Korean TV shows?

After seeing the news of the Zhujiaoguishen,
 i want to eat Korean pig knucle(jokbal). They are all meat and meat. 
Before watching Korean TV programs, they often eat pig knuckle(jokbal). 
What is the difference in Taiwanese pig knuckle practices?
 They are all trying to try different ways of cooking, not at all.

The space and seating in the store are very spacious and bright.
 It is suitable for gatherings or dating. 
There is space on the second floor but it is not used except the restroom.

The kitchen is a semi-open space. In fact, 
they don't have a lot of meals to cook on site.
 They are basically prepared foods. 
They can get on the table soon after they finish cooking.


The menus are mainly pig's feet, with a little bit of attached meals,
 a very simple menu, and the options are not complicated or complicated.
 A small portion of the pig's foot is enough for two people to eat, 
and there may be a lot of food.


How can you eat less meat, you must have a cup. 
The green bottle is right!


In addition to the fish plate soup can not be added, 
other lettuce, salad, Korean tea, sauce can be added free of charge.


The tea is good to eat, it is not too spicy, the fish plate soup is very light,
 and it is very suitable to eat with sauce. Korean style sauce, 
shrimp sauce, fish sauce, the taste of the shrimp sauce is not so heavy, 
the sauce is very like It can also be used to convert flavors.

The protagonist gorgeously appeared, half of the pig's knuckle, 
the original taste and charcoal fire, 
the color is darker and slightly red is the charcoal fire, 
the charcoal fire pig's feet are spicy, 
it is obvious that the charcoal fire smells, the pig's knuckle is very evil, 
and the grilled is even more in this way.

The part of their pig's knuckle is selected from the hoof, 
and the amount of meat is relatively large.
 Most of the meat on the desktop pig's knuckle is less gelatinous. 
It is a different relationship. This does not require a humeral head.

Putting meat in the import is meat or chewing pig skin!

Filled with a whole table, it is very enjoyable to watch, 
the pig's feet are also very tasty, the meat is very solid but not old, 
the pig's skin is elastic, the sauce is fragrant and meaty, 
one bite, one can't stop, eat directly You can use lettuce to
 wrap the pig's feet and another taste.
 With the sweet and crisp mouth of the vegetables, 
the taste is more abundant. Finally, come to a glass of shochu, Good!

Korean steamed eggs, unlike Japanese steamed eggs or
 Taiwanese steamed eggs, they will swell up, 
similar to the taste of pudding, more moist, and a lot.

There is no iron plate on the iron plate, 
the bottom is covered with lettuce, the top is the noodle and the sauce, 
the noodle is cold, it should be washed immediately after cooking, 
it is chewy, not soft, in It is cold and sour with the vegetables below. 
Very smooth, it is the Korean version of the cold noodles, the summer is super suitable.

The experience of dining here is good. The pig knuckle are delicious.
 It is very satisfying to eat the meat and drink the wine. 
The mouth and stomach are very happy, 
but it is a pity that it is closed in less than a year.
 I don't know. For what reason, the evaluation of the people 
who went there is also good, 
so there is one restaurant that can eat Korean pig knuckle(jokbal).


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