The sky is changing from the wind and the cloud! What is this mood?

When it turns dark on a sunny day, it will whistle in an instant

One day in the small village, from the sun, the earth was hot, 
the temperature on the oily road was so high that the eggs could be cooked,
 and the birds were hiding. The dark clouds in the distance gradually 
drifted in this direction.

These days are already a hot summer climate. 
When you walk outside,
 you will sweat, and you won't need to move. 
This thunderstorm may be able to ease it.

Looking at the slow drifting over there is an unspeakable mood. 
On the one hand, it is simply a change in the weather, 
which can relieve the air of boredom, but on the other hand,
 I don’t know if it can relieve the psychological boredom.

Just like the sudden bad mood and the bad things come, 
the mood is shrouded in a cloud, can be passed like this thunderstorm, 
or it has been shrouded, the power of nature is unpredictable, 
and the human heart is not so!

What is nurtured in the middle of the cloud? 
Can you clear the clouds and see the weather?

No one can give an answer. Even if you don't necessarily give an answer, 
why is it so complicated and why is it so difficult?

I want to have a strong wind to blow away, but to get simple happy and happy,
 just like the sunny day looks like the sun, 
but the mood behind it is no one knows, don't be confused by the surface, 
learn how to observe the heart.


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