Birthday wishes hope that the world’s peace, growth and childhood will be really different.

I still remember that there are several types of days when I was a child. I was most happy. I had a holiday, a typhoon vacation, a trip, and I was happy if I didn’t have to go to school. Where is the danger or the impact of the typhoon? The most important thing is simply the most wonderful Chinese.

It’s birthday again, even if it’s not necessarily a weekend, it’s not a holiday, but I think it’s very special that day. I’m looking forward to someone who can help me celebrate that day, receive gifts, or reunite with my family. The idea is not easy. When you grow up, you will find that too many things are different from what you thought when you were young. What went wrong?

Since it is birthday, everyone pays attention to birthday wishes. At the moment when the candle is lit, three wishes, two wishes are said, and a wish is hidden in the mind. It is a basic process. If you do not follow this, many people will remind you. Even letting you come back again seems to be a super-super-important step. If you don't take this step, it's not a birthday. Then everyone was happy to eat the cake and was very happy.

Yep. desire! It’s a little bit like when a teacher taught you to write an essay called a dream of the future. What kind of person you want to be, the positive point is to let yourself move toward that goal, express your thoughts and imagination, start year after year. In the past, letting you write the same subject of an essay, you will find that it is normal to be different from the past. The growth of age means that there are more contacts, and the angle of things has changed. It may also be I found my own interests, and my wishes are the same as the essay theme. Every year, from the similar to the next year, I don’t even know how to make a wish. The last thing I say most often is to hope for world peace~~~!

But is it really wanting world peace? Or because there is no simple thoughts and dreams of the past, you can simply say what you want, and the reality has already been overwhelmed. From when to start responsibility and maturity, it becomes pressure and burden, even when it’s difficult to say dreams. Unreachable, not to mention the actual action.

Can you be a little selfish, just to make your own wishes, to express your inner thoughts and dreams, or to say forever in your heart, especially when you reach a certain age or even your birthday, you don’t want to have a birthday. If you have a headache, don't remind yourself of the rise in numbers.

Wishing dreams, to achieve a premise, to have imagination and courage, when lost, they lose the ability to dream, and without creativity and motivation, they are eventually swallowed up.


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