Mood,Miaoli-Daytime and evening in the countryside

Under the beautiful rural scenery

In the quiet little village, in this hot summer, there are few small villages with a small population. There are not many people on the road. They are at home to avoid the heat outside. They don’t know that the interior is like the three warmth. Sweating.

There are also small ditches in the doorway of the family that can't be seen in the city. It flows from the distant mountains. It is very clear. Of course, if someone secretly peeing in the upstream, you don't know. I still remember when I was a child. I have been playing with water in this small ditch, but now I dare not. Many fields around the village are also irrigated by this ditch. The importance cannot be said.

Nowadays, many people in the city are yearning for such a natural and clean environment. Seeing it will be envious?But for me, everything here is not so pleasant, even like an invisible shackle, I can't like it from a certain moment. Although I have not really liked it!

Like it blinking, it doesn't move. You don't know what it is waiting for, or what it is planning, or it is actually taking a short break, reserves the power, and so on.

Anything is for a reason, but you know that reason, obviously not how the party knows what it thinks? Or is there no reason at all?

No one can really stand on the perspective of another person and look at the problem. This is an ideal state. It is not easy to try to figure out it. After all, everyone has different ideas and contains many experiences, studies and reflections. Different abilities, environment, emotions and psychology.

Why impose personal wishes on another independent individual? Is it satisfied with the other? Is it for the other to see? Is it for the living? Live in the expectations of others?

The sun gradually descended, and the night gradually came. In this grove, watching this sunset seems to be very beautiful, but when the night comes, it is the beginning of restless fear.

There are no people around, walking on unfamiliar trails, who can lend a helping hand, with this place away, I hate the darkness, but like the silence brought by the night, the shadow of the country in childhood, often comes to my eyes, in the parents Under the hectic, I was sent back to this place, did not ask my opinion, did not care about my thoughts, only for me!

In this place that seems to be familiar but very strange, so out of place, every night with restlessness to sleep, the toilet does not dare to go alone, can only be silenced in the bottom of my heart, have a chance to tell? I want to say that someone should listen to it~~ obviously there is no.

When I grow up, many of them are hidden in my heart. I think that it is over. I don’t want to forget when I go back. I don’t know how easy it is, especially after the best and most important person left me. This place is very incomparable. Tangle and helplessness, the beauty on the surface is not always real.The surface and the inside are good together that is more important.


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