Reflecting on myself from the elders

When I was young, the words spoken by my family’s elders had a great impact on myself. Whether it was experience or the way things were handled, after all, I didn’t understand it at the time and I didn’t know how to deal with it. I had no experience at all, and I was blank. So learning is Slowly develop one of your own ways, and finally transform into your own knowledge and feelings, to try to be as unprepared as possible in the future, and have the ability to solve problems.

Therefore, there will be words that live until the old school is old. The old saying still has its truth. Until you grow up, you can always hear this sentence, but in the end it is no difference to learn new ideas and ideas in different fields. Or learn proficiency in a certain field, that is, personal choice, no right or wrong, as long as there is this enthusiasm.

Learning on the other hand is to learn from other people's thoughts and ideas, so complement each other into their own things, rather than simply accepting other people's ideas without thinking, over time, they will lose the ability to think, and after curing their own thinking mode It will never improve again.

But when you reach a certain age, you will have protection and misunderstandings that belong to your own thoughts. You only accept the content and knowledge you want to know. If you have conflicts with your own ideas, you can't objectively look at the problem or analyze it. But knowledge and ideas will have new things in the transformation of the times. Whether it is the emergence of new knowledge or the overthrow of the past, there is no right or wrong forever. When the growth of technology and cultural quality is only It will move forward without going backwards. The past is not correct for the future. The past mistakes do not mean that the future is wrong.

Just like nutrition health knowledge, in the past, people didn't care so much, and they were also limited by technology. Without this ability at a certain time, it can prove that the current experiment proves that there will be a possibility of being overthrown in the future.

Nowadays, information is relatively rampant. There are many ways to learn and channels. In particular, the Internet has no borders. As long as the information on the Internet can be found, it is more important to judge and think. It is very important to be right or wrong. Even so, there is one aspect that is terrifying. It is to face new knowledge or only believe in the knowledge and concepts that you have known before. There is no simultaneous update, and there is no open mind to accept. There is no point in learning more.

I think that learning is not too much is good. After all, learning to use is not equal to not learning. Learning to not become oneself is equal to no. It means that in the moment this knowledge is meaningless to you, maybe it will change in the future, but don't waste too much. It's more important to think about yourself and think about yourself.

I still hold my own age and experience, I think I am right, to instill in the next generation or young people, and when there is a conflict with my own opinions, except for the words and suggestions that I can’t listen to, even if I am wrong. I will not admit my mistakes, and stubbornly think that I am not wrong, or can not let the self-esteem to admit mistakes, this is a very horrible thing.

Age and experience are important and precious, but you can't use it to look at others or be self-righteous. As an excuse for not listening to other people's suggestions and ideas, you must have a humble attitude at all times.


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