Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,BangkokJam fashion Thai cuisine(ATT4FUN shop)

I decided to have a dinner on the weekend, 
but it was not easy to order a restaurant.
 I thought about the luck of the restaurant.
 I thought that I saw the banner of BangkokJam
 when I passed ATT4FUN the day before. 
I got the position one hour before the meal. 
I felt very good at that time. Fortunately, is this all booked?

The name BangkokJam, you can think of it should be Thai food.
 If you look at the name of the restaurant, 
you know what kind of cuisine you have. 
Friends don't need to ask, save what you guess.

Arrive at the restaurant on time, look at the past,
 OS: There are still so many vacancies, 
where to book a place, heart flustered,
 is it good to eat? 
After the other restaurants are waiting in line, 
what is the situation.


Inside space

Inside space

Inside space

The environment is very comfortable, not too crowded,
 and the stylish design is suitable for family gatherings and
 dating of male and female friends.


The restaurant has a choice of 4 people,
 NTD$499+10% per person, the meals are basic Thai dishes,
 and some improved versions, it saves the trouble of ordering,
 the rice in the set is whatever you eat, and Come with Thai milk tea.

There are also 2 people's menus, the number of dishes is different, 
the others are the same, the package size is quite large, 
so if you are worried about not being wasted, 
you can use a single ordering. See which way is right for you.








This time we ordered a 4-person meal for a total of 7 dishes.

Salad: Seafood salad

Appetizer: Golden Prawn ball

Main course: Green curry chicken,Grilled pork loin with lettuce wrap

Seafood: Steamed seabass with lime and chilli

Vegetables: Shrimp paste kangkong,Stir fried mixed vegetables

(Single ordering price can refer to the above)

Seafood salad

Seafood salad
Sour and sweet, spicy, fresh seafood, very refreshing appetizer,
 crisp and taste, the following Green bean noodle absorbs a lot of sauce.

Golden prawn ball

Golden Prawn ball
Unlike the traditional crispy prawn pancake, this is more like a fried shrimp ball. The clerk recommended us to try it out. It is as if they created their own improvement.

Green curry chicken

Green curry chicken
This can't adjust the degree of spicy, rice is just for you to eat, so don't worry, it's very good,
Eat a few bowls of rice, huh, huh, coconut juice aroma and curry, not greasy, boneless chicken, for people who do not like to spit bones is still very convenient. (Because of curry, I have eaten three bowls of rice, guilty)

Grilled pork loin with lettuce wrap

Grilled pork loin with lettuce wrap
Waiting time is a little longer, it is the main dish that came up last time.
 When I saw it, I felt that I couldn’t finish it. 
The pork chops were lightly roasted and roasted. 
It was very tender and tender, 
and there was no problem of biting and biting for a long time.
 Lettuce Wrapped with pork chops, onions, 
tomatoes and sauces, the mouth is very layered and rich, 
and there is no sense of burden at all.

Steamed seabass with lime and chilli

Steamed seabass with lime and chilli
The fish is very fresh, 
the aroma and acidity of the lemon are moderate, 
and the acid is natural.

Shrimp paste kangkong

 Shrimp paste kangkong
The taste is heavy, salty, and salty than the commonly eaten shrimp paste. 
The dried shrimp is not crispy, but it is a bit ordinary.

Stir-fried vegetables

Stir-fried vegetables
Normally, it is the only dish that doesn't have much seasoning.

Thai milk tea

Thai milk tea, sweet and sweet and sweet, 
hasn't been drinking such a sweet drink for a long time, 
and can't say less sugar.

Leading to the meal, the psychological is very guilty,
 say good to eat less? Although I feel that both body and mind are satisfied, 
it is very enjoyable to eat it occasionally. 
Meat, seafood and vegetables are not lacking in balance, 
but it is usually enough for a single point. Meals are OK. 
There are sour, spicy, sweet and spiced. 
The taste is rich, the service is also very good,
and the delivery speed is fast, 
except that steamed fish and char-grilled pork chops take some time. 
I don't know if the price is slightly higher.

BANGKOKJAM 泰過熱時尚泰式料理


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