Food in Taipei,Korean barbecue,Nandamen Korean barbecue-Don't have to do it yourself

When choosing the food to worry about, the easiest and most convenient option is Korean food, especially every time we have a group of people to have a meal. Choosing Korean food can reduce the disputes. There are meat, vegetables, soup and wine. What can be picky, right? Several keywords appear.

Linsen North Road is an area where I have less footsteps. I can even say that I don’t like it very much. Even if I know that there are a lot of restaurants there, I can’t afford to be interested. This time, if my friends have chosen this restaurant, when will I have a chance?



Nandamen Korean barbecue, originally reported by TV programs, is a restaurant suitable for night owls. It is open until three in the morning. It is really not afraid to find anything to eat at night, but it is too evil to eat Korean barbecue in the middle of the night.



The store space can be around 50 people. Many clerk who saw the restaurant when they first entered the restaurant, the clerk will be relatively more.








Basically, Korean food is visible on the menu. There is a minimum consumption of NTD$400+10% per person. We used two tables for 5 people and occupied two stoves. Therefore, each stove needs two meat. for  barbecue.



Six kinds of side dishes, all can be refilled, lettuce will be added to the clerk at any time, this is quite intimate, often turned around and found how the lettuce has become more, garlic, chili sauce can be obtained from the clerk, but we point They are all seasoned meat, and I don’t use the sauce a lot.

Pork belly

Pork belly

Roast pork belly baking tray different types of barbecue, can let the oil flow down, reduce the greasy feeling, the whole process of barbecue is handled by the clerk, we concentrate on chatting and waiting to eat meat.

But I actually like to barbecue by myself!


The process of waiting is of course to deal with the problem of wine first, raspberry wine + Soju, the proportion of personal preference, the ratio is 1:1, girls can drink raspberries a little more, the alcohol taste will not be so heavy, sweet higher.

There is also Soju + beer!
(Drinking does not drive, driving does not drink)

spicy roast pork belly

Spicy roast pork belly, did not see the barbecue process at all, the clerk roasted next to it, directly on the table,Let us continue to eat seamlessly, reducing waiting time.

Spicy grilled fat intestines

Spicy grilled fat intestines

Spicy grilled fat intestines, I feel that the amount is a little less, it is also very suitable for drinking.

Cold conch salad

Cold conch salad, sour and sweet, slightly spicy, when you feel that eating barbecue greasy mouth, change the taste of the mouth, seasoning just right, good to eat.

Seafood pancakes

Seafood pancakes, a bit ordinary.

Barbecue octopus pot

Barbecue octopus pot, the clerk will ask if you want to add a cheese or ramen, can you not add cheese? The ramen is very wanting to add, but I really can't eat it. This pot of octopus and meat is very weighty, it is worth it, it won't be very spicy.

Barbecue octopus pot

Ginseng chicken soup

Ginseng chicken soup, chicken has been stewed very soft, the soup is very rich, but eating too much heavy taste in front, was affected by the taste, haha.

The price of this meal is a bit high, plus alcohol, about NTD$1200 per person, which is slightly higher than other Korean dishes. The deduction of money is about NTD$800-900 per person. The food is OK, there is a certain level, the clerk The service is good, whether it is barbecue or supplementary dishes are very fast, the value is not worth watching, the price–performance ratio is not high, other Korean restaurants also have hands-free barbecue, but the price will be lower than this.



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