Food|Taipei World Trade Center,Taiwan Railway Bento Shop-2019 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition Special Limited Bento

2019.07.26~07.29 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, held in Taipei World Trade Center 1, the Hakka Committee has an exhibition area, the Shiweiqiang (grandfather's home) has booths in it, on the one hand to help, on the other hand, walk around, look for us to attract us Lunch.

I didn’t expect the Taiwan Railways bento shop to come here to set up stalls. (The high-speed rail lunch also has it.) Now it is also part of Taiwanese cuisine. After all, foreign tourists will want to try it when they come to Taiwan. For us, the most memories are when you take the train. I want to eat Taiwanese lunches most.

I haven't taken the train for a long time. Naturally, I haven't eaten the Taiwan railway Bento for a long time. I have to find out if there are any new Bento styles I haven't seen. Of course, the classic pork ribs are good to eat. It's definitely not like new and old, just curiosity.

Taiwan railway bento spent a lot of time developing different dishes. In addition to pork chop, I really didn't eat any other flavors. I only eat pork chop every time. I like to eat meat.

The goods around the Taiwan Railway, but unfortunately I am not a train fan, only the stainless steel lunch box evokes childhood memories, the country is a small life.

There are about 7 kinds of flavored lunches on the spot, five of which can be bought at the station's Taiwan railway Bento shop. Two of them are specially limited by the Taiwan Culinary Exhibition . Ginger simmered pork and Taro Burdock rice will not be there. Every Taiwan railway lunch is not known at the moment. The most interesting thing for me is the Taro burdock rice, instead of the Ginger simmered pork rice. The burdock is vegetarian, meat-free, and comes with a The train shape carton can be used with toilet paper, which is very cute, so it was later given to the children next door.

The taro burdock rice can smell the aroma of taro, the vegetables inside are very rich in nutrition, the color is bright and balanced, the seasoning is very good, and it will not take away the flavor of burdock rice. It is a wish to go home and try to cook burdock. The feeling that the steamed bread is really delicious, even if there is no meat I can accept it.

Ginger simmered pork, there is a certain level, pork will not cook for too long, the sauce has a taste, with rice to eat, is a perfect match. It is a very good lunch, of course, the most unexpected thing is the taro burdock rice.


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