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The old restaurant of Yongkang Street,
 has never been here, has not eaten before eating, 
should have heard of the THANH-KY Vietnamese restaurant,
 almost never seen it when they are not full, 
only the number of people in the queue is different, of course, 
It is meal time.

That day, I went to the  new town of  Danhai.
 It took a lot of time to go back and go back.
 I relied on mass transit for about 4 hours.
 From a certain angle, the environment is good, 
the view is wide, the road is big, the house Covered a lot, 
there are still a lot of open space, life function is not perfect, 
need to build time, if you do not often enter the city, it is acceptable.
 It’s a headache from the bus route, I almost couldn’t find a place!

So after returning to downtown Taipei, 
get off at the Dongmen MRT station and go to Yongkang Street for food.
 The result is 8:00 pm, still full, but fortunately,
 I didn't wait too much for the seat.

At present, THANH-KY also cooperates with the delivery service company. 
At the door, the organic car can pick up the meal at any time.
 It is convenient for the customers who want to eat, 
but pay more attention to safety in front of the door. 
They are not slow at cycling.

The opposite is THANH-KY's main store. The two are separate,
 so they don't know if there is a position opposite the clerk.

Inside space

Inside space

There are a few girls who are dining alone.
 Instead, I don’t see the boys alone.
 Why do I notice that because they eat so much, I admire them!


The star next to the dish is the recommended dish. 
I originally wanted to try the citronella roast chicken leg coconut rice.
 After all, the only rice choice, the result is not the wish, 
after the sale is over, I will never say it. This is why I decided to eat it.
 I look at the menu and don't know how to choose it. 
I want to eat a lot, no stomach!


Simple seasoning on the table.

chicken Salad

Vietnamese style cold chicken shreds NTD$100, 
sweet and sour refreshing appetizer, 
mainly to add vegetables, today I do not want to eat green papaya silk.
 Can chicken shreds be a little more?

matsusaka pork rice noodles

Matsusaka pork rice noodles NTD$170, 
with two shrimps attached. 
When I saw the shrimps, I was surprised. 
Why did some species appear?

Shacha pork pho

Shacha pork pho NTD$140, the amount of pork is large, 
the sand tea tastes fragrant but not too heavy and can not be too heavy, 
you can drink the soup no problem, the lemon on the spoon can be greasy,
 I prefer to add more lemon and nine-story tower A little dissatisfied,
 the river powder has rice and elasticity, let me take a bite,
I feel that the mouth tastes need to be converted, 
eat a cold chicken, just balanced.


The shrimp inside is swimming from the side,
 don't ask the clerk why you didn't, and it is not special treatment.


The weight of the big bowl is just right for me who is hungry.
 It won't be very supportive. It is okay to put a dessert in.

THANH-KY taste choices are very rich, every time 
you come to a different kind of try, 
do not eat beef or vegetarian friends have a meal to enjoy, 
a simple meal can be satisfied.

The cleanliness of the store can also be improved.
After the clerk takes the gloves and finds the customer's money, 
afterwards, the meal is arranged and the table is arranged. 
It seems strange.


營業時間:11:00am - 22:30pm


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