Food in Taipei,Xinyi District,Zhenxiang Beef Noodle-Taxi driver recommended food, known as inexpensive?【Permanently closed】

Taipei 101 in the evening, different angles, different times, 
different weather, different feelings, the only constant is its location.

I said the wrong content, saying that this is beef noodles,
 how to change to Taipei 101, 
there is no way to prepare to cross the road to the opposite store,
 I feel it is a pity to not take it.

Returning to the topic, 
I went to  Zhenxiang beef noodles before twodays. 
When I was back home after dinner and 
spent all my hard time on the taxi, 
the driver mentioned that 
he had just brought foreign tourists to the beef noodle shop. 
The visitor When I came across the traffic jam,
 asked the driver to introduce the delicious food.
 He didn't go to the original destination and 
changed to the Zhenxiang beef noodle. 
The driver also said with confidence that
 it would not be recommended for you, but also described it. 
The image of beef noodles,if we don't go to feel sorry for Mr. Driver.


In fact, the day to go is also very coincidental, 
we are thinking about what to eat nearby?
 Lingguang flashed to think of the driver's recommendation, 
no need to say that going to the restaurant is right.

Front door

The location of Zhenxiang Beef Noodles is on Songren Road,
 next to 7-11, which is located in Xinyi Country.
 It is easy to find the place. 
It seems to be a bit old. It should also be a beef noodle shop that 
has been open for many years. The decoration is very simple,
 even It's a bit rudimentary, especially in the summer,
 if you have to be mentally prepared, 
there is no air conditioning, sweating after eating,
 and heating with heat?

Front door

The menu is simple and clear, all of which are beef-based noodles,
 rice noodles, winter flour, noodles,
 dried noodles, and noodle soup.
 The only beef that is not beef is the minced pork sauce noodles.
 Pork is used. So friends who don't eat beef, 
here is the only choice!


After entering the store, this wall is very eye-catching.
 It is not Jesus or the cross. It is the four words [the money is good].


Famous people visited

Although it is a small shop,
 there are pictures of Taiwanese stars on the wall after dinner, 
and the words to help the guests, 
after the staff is not enough to eat, please help to clean up the tableware, 
so it is rare to write directly.



There are not many choices of side dishes. 
The dried beans are not salty and only have bean flavor. 
If they are not soy sauce, they are very common. 
Here is no green vegetables~~! !

minced pork sauce noodles

Small bowl of minced pork sauce noodles soup NTD$40,
 the oil on the soup is not much, it will not be very greasy. 
The noodles are wide and a little thick, elastic and lightly scented.

Half beef tendon and half beef noodles

Small bowl half beef tendon half beef noodles NTD$120, 
the difference between the size of the 
large bowl NTD$130 is only in the amount of noodles, 
beef will not be much worse, after all, the size is also poor NTD$10,
 the price of half-semi-meat in Taipei should It's hard to find, 
the beef noodle bowl is only NTD$100. 
From the beef noodle of the civilian snacks to the trend of becoming 
more and more non-civilian, this store is really Buddha's heart.

The amount of beef is also quite a lot. 
There are a few pieces of meat that are not carefully counted, 
but it is enough to satisfy. The bottom of the braised soup is not too heavy.
 The faint Chinese herbal  is fragrant, with a slight spicy taste. 
The beef is not stewed very soft. It has a taste, it won't bite, 
it's still easy to enter, smelling beef.

pickled mustard

Finally, the focus of beef noodles, sauerkraut pickled vegetables, 
it is important to say three times, can not be added, 
but if you do not add it will feel less, right? 
The shopkeeper cut the sauerkraut into pieces, which are not long strips. 
In the noodle soup, there is a taste change, 
which can relieve some heavy taste burden.

Does this store have such a good taxi driver? This is not easy to say, 
the taste is very subjective, but I don't think it will be bad,
 and the price is very good, I can certainly eat enough,
 I can have this kind of home-style taste, 
not complicated and relatively simple beef noodles, 
and It won't be too burdensome, 
and it's good for occasional eating near home.

After eating, of course, I will help the store to clean up the tableware! 
(It’s really quite a lot of people to eat, 
and occasionally you will see foreign tourists find it here, 
the public can accept it. If you can install air conditioners,
 you will add points, haha)



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