Travel in Miaoli,Dahu Zunli(Pear)-Pear Brand Establishes and Enhances Agricultural Value

A journey beginning with a newspaper

The first thing that people think of strawberry is the Dahu strawberry. 
What other agricultural products are not so well understood, 
even if my grandfather’s house is next to the Miaoli Gongguan, 
it is not clear what fruit is the Dahu production area, 
if not this time. An accident, I saw the
introduction of the newspaper,
 and I would not think of the cultivation of pears in the Dahu.

In the process of finding the venue of the Dahu Pear Festival, 
I passed a beautiful mistake place of old Close road leisure farm
After seeing the beautiful scenery, 
I continued to go to the goal while I accidentally 
bumped into the road ahead and needed to return. one way.

This week's hillsides are full of pears. 
I originally planned to go to the destination to consider buying pears. 
Just in the case of going back, 
I randomly selected an orchard that I saw in front of me. It is also a fate!

The mountain roads are all upside down to the pear orchard.
 It seems to be in the country of pear. Every pear tree is limited in height, 
which is convenient for picking operations. 
The owner of the orchard introduces high pears. 
Others have no understanding, and are interested.
 Friends can go directly to Google.I only care about it,taste good or not!

Directly ask the owner of the orchard whether you can try it,
 or how to know if it is sweet and rich in water, right?
 The orchard owner directly cut a piece to give us a try,
 or pick a big one, this is not enough, the first pear has not finished eating,
 the boss is already cutting the second one, 
we are not doing I am very happy, 
because the Great Lakes pears are very large,
 I feel that I have to eat enough, 
and the rest of the bosses are also packed and taken away.
Fortunately, we were going to buy it, can we leave it?

This year, due to weather factors, the output is reduced,
 but the quality is good, sweet and juicy, 
the price is slightly higher, around $100 /per.

The boss explained that the brand of Dahu Zunli is the brand name 
established by the Dahu Farmers Association to promote Dahu Pear.
 It is a bit like Dajia Taro, not a representative of the pear. 
This way, there should be a lot of visibility and value for agricultural products.
 Great help, give the concept of the people, 
think of the Great Lake is not only strawberries but also pears, 
or other agricultural products.

When I left, the owner of the orchard also sent us two ugly ones. 
If you don’t sell it, let us eat it. If you don’t want to tell them the business card,
 the boss has to do the home delivery service, 
and you don’t have to come in person. Can taste delicious pears, 
sweet and juicy.



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