Travel in Miaoli,Old Close Road Leisure Farm-Large Lawn,Campground,Grand Venue,Nature

A journey beginning with a newspaper

When urbanites arrive in the country, 
the most important thing is to ensure that there is no network. 
Others don't matter. Do you agree? The rest is how to enjoy the present, 
to have different living conditions in different environments,
 the transformation of the environment is also to give the head to convert, 
let go of some troubles and embarrassment in the city.

When Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social software have been seen,
 the game has been played, what else can you do? 
The traditional way of absorbing information is ‘newspaper’. 
How long has it not touched the touch of this paper and the smell of ink,
 it is almost forgotten.

So the journey of a newspaper started is not what I found, 
but what my dad saw. I was the role of the journey. 
When I went to the country, 
I thought I could go out and walk. I always stayed at home.
 Nothing to do, let's go! Looking for the Dahu Pear~~~~

The report wrote the Great Lakes Pear Festival and the old official trails. 
There is no detailed location. You can only search for 
navigation on Google Maps by the old official road. 
It is known if you don’t go. GOGOGO! !

Although there are doubts in the middle of the journey,
 I found an old official leisure farm. Is it the goal to go? 
Actually, it doesn't matter. If you look around again, 
if you get to the neighborhood, is it difficult to find it?

Well, when I arrived at the navigation destination, 
what seems strange? At first glance, I was amazed.
 It was a large piece of grass that was sorted out.
 I couldn’t think of such a place in the mountain.
 A small place is normal. It is really not easy to have such a large venue!

When I was surprised by the grass,
 I almost forgot the original purpose.
 When I entered the door with doubts,
 there was a feeling that I was not here. 
After waiting for a while, the farmer drove the weeder from afar, 
and she was working hard. 
Take care of a large meadow and ask about our intentions!

After hearing the location of the Great Lakes Pear,
we told that it was another Shimen Inn leisure farm.
 It was not here, but it was also very friendly. 
But when I came here, I also learned about the information.
 The farmers said that they were in July and August.
 Not open, in the camp area maintenance, 
t is no wonder that you can maintain such a good grass state,
 you can not use charcoal fire here, 
friends who like barbecue should consider.

There are not many shelters. The summer sun will be very hot.
 If you don't pay attention, it may heatstroke. 
However, it means that it is super convenient to watch the stars at night.
 It will be a lot of people. There is no pollution, 
no pollution, no blue sky and white clouds. Think about it all beautiful!

Come here to relax, enjoy the grass and the sky,
 have pets and children to run, friends of all ages are suitable, 
or for large-scale events!

Ready to leave here, continue to find the original destination, 
find the old close road leisure farm with yin and yang, is lucky!




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