Lie: When you are admitted to high school/university, you are free.

In Taiwan or Asia, there are similar similar progression systems, six years of primary school, three years of junior high school, three years of high school, and four years of college. From the past junior high school, the examinations are required to rise, and now only the high school exams should be left to college. Well, it’s too far away to know the current system content, and every year there will be inexplicable changes.

When I was in junior high school, I told us: "Let's hold it again! I will be free when I go to high school!" I didn't expect to have high school, not only no freedom, but also more endless learning, reference to purgatory, the exam is definitely for you. After the test, I even said to you: "Let's hold it again! You have been playing for four years in college!" (Is it familiar?). Although there are not so many exams at the university, the report and research are not polite to you. Where did the good freedom go? !
(國中時告訴我們:「再撐一下!考上高中就自由了!」沒想到進了高中之後,不但沒有自由,還是更無止盡的學測、指考煉獄,大考小考絕對給你考好考滿,甚至還跟你說:「再撐一下!考上大學就由你玩四年了!」(是不是很熟悉呢?)。雖然上了大學沒有這麼多的考試,但是報告跟研究也是沒再跟你客氣的,說好的自由到底去哪了啊?!By DailyView網路溫度計

I still remember that I needed to take the high school at that time. It was not a happy day when I started junior high school. The students who didn’t go to the cram school were really few. Everyone was able to relax a little in the first year of junior high school. There have been a lot of whispers, all about preparing for the high school in the future. This time, the family said that they should try hard to take high school. It would be easier to take a good high school. It is easier to enter a university in the future. Lies are like this. it has started.

Under the unwillingness of everyone, we can only study silently. There are not too few small tricks in private. After all, it is impossible for all students who like to read books. Some people are not reading books but books reading them. I am absolutely I won't admit which kind of person I am. Please check in on your own. It's hard to go to high school. It's another hard day. It's not imagined before. How can the beautiful future be different? What?

When I arrived in high school, I didn’t know what freedom was. It’s really a small test taking turns. Private high school is even more outrageous. I still have the opportunity to stay in the evening to study. It’s really hell. I feel endless and I’m in the book. There is freedom, basically an alternative prison, not to mention the classmates who go to the cram school. Then I will hear the next lie and go to college for four years!

Obviously, it is not the same as expected. In fact, these can be imagined according to common sense. Why do you want to tell the child in this way that I am puzzled? The child feels the gap in high school or university. It will be even more difficult. In another way, honestly, reading is not the only way out. How to make children happy at each stage, it may make more sense to play their own values ​​and creativity.


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