Food in Taipei,Breeze Nanshan,Delight Twenty Two-Hong Kong style Dim Sum

If you don’t have a reservation at the weekend,
 it’s not easy to find a place to eat in the Xinyi business district. 
You’ll come to the breeze in Nanshan to try your luck.
 On the one hand, I haven’t been here since the opening.
 I don’t know much about the restaurants here. What's new! ? 
The result came to the breeze Nanshan, the other two restaurants were full, 
queued for at least an hour, dumbfounded, turned to see Delight twenty two,
 holding a try to ask questions, did not expect no one waiting in front, 
as long as there is a position It’s our turn,
what's the problem, of course, it's eating, 
waiting for 10 minutes to enter the restaurant, happy.


On the left hand side of the restaurant, there is a counter for selling drinks.
 It should be sold at a single point. It has not been tried. 
Go in and you can see how the kitchen works! Smog filled ~~







The menu can be a multi-person package or a single order. 
According to personal preference, 
there is no need to worry that Hong Kong-style dim sum will not be enough. 
There is a choice of rice and noodles.


The day's side dishes, a plate of NTD$60,
There are different changes every day,
Basically, all the vegetables are selected.
Hong Kong-style restaurants generally have fewer vegetable options.

Crispy BBQ pork bum

Crispy BBQ pork bum NTD$148,
It is a big picture that is rare on the menu.
I originally liked to eat BBQ pork bum.
By the way, what is the difference between Timhowan?
Well, I feel that the Timhowan is better.

Crispy BBQ pork bum

There are not many barbecued pork inside.
The skin is not very crisp and the taste is slightly ordinary.

 Stir fried Seasonal vegetables

 Stir fried Seasonal vegetables NTD$168,
We all love to eat vegetables, which is simply to stir the spinach.

 Shrimp Dumpling

 Shrimp Dumpling NTD$148,
a thin outer skin wrapped in shrimp,
There is a fresh shrimp flavor.

Shanghai Pork Xiaolongbao / 8 tablets

Shanghai Pork Xiaolongbao / 8 tablets NTD$188,
With rare red vinegar and ginger,
It’s not bad, the skin is thin and there is no meat smell in the gravy.
But individuals still prefer to use black vinegar.

Shrimp in rice skin roll

Shrimp in rice skin roll NTD$168,
The eyes can see the shape of the shrimp directly in the intestines.
Very sincere.

Clay pot rice with Cantonese sausageClay pot rice with Cantonese sausage

Clay pot rice with Cantonese sausage NTD$228,
When you go to the table, the clerk will ask if you need to help stir.
Remind that the temperature of the pottery pot is high, be careful not to be burnt,
I prefer the process of adding sauce and stirring.
Just handle it yourself.

Clay pot rice with Cantonese sausage

Cauliflower embellishment,
The sausage and the liver sausageitself have a salty taste.
Therefore, be careful not to add too much when adding sauce.
Avoid being too salty, but too light and lose your feelings.
Especially when the temperature of the pottery pot is high, let the sauce smell up.
Also let the sauce infiltrate the casserole,
Their sausages are not too salty and relatively mild,
The ratio of fats and oils is just right, it won't be very greasy.

Radish cake

Radish cake NTD$98, this is delicious!

The amount of this meal is shared by 4 people, just enough to eat,
It won’t be too supportive, and it’s a deep impression on the Clay pot rice 
with sausage and  radish cake.
Others are quite satisfactory, there is no special attraction,
The price is moderate, on average NTD$400/person,
The speed of serving is very fast, the service of the clerk is also good.
Come over and add water at any time, or clean up your desktop environment.
However, I have not yet reached the point where I really want to go back to eat!


營業時間:週日至週三 AM 11:00am-PM 9:30 
                   週四至週六 AM 11:00am-PM 10:00


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