Food in Taipei,Fuhang Soymilk-Huashan Market-Popular Queuing Chinese Breakfast Shop-MRT Shandao Temple Station

Taipei's super popular Chinese breakfast shop,
Whether it is a tourist or a local,
Have heard of its name,
And I will know that it is still because of foreign friends.
It’s quite funny, after all, there is a traditional soy milk shop near my residence.
There is no need to run so far to eat,
Not to mention the crowds are a bit dumbfounded.
I have to go to a lecture nearby this time.
Just eat lunch,
So I approached Huashan Market at 12:00 noon.
Half an hour before closing,
Very smooth and went straight to the 2nd floor.

1st Floor

Just need a short queue,
I really didn't expect to queue at this point in time.
The dining area is full of people.
A small number of guests are enjoying other restaurants.
Most of them saw that the table was clay oven rolls with soy milk.

 2nd Floor

 2nd floor public area

Or use a traditional oven to bake the clay oven rolls!



Michelin recommended

Michelin recommended for two consecutive years!



The basic menu of a traditional Chinese breakfast shop,
Not very complicated, it is a simple match,
Is to add or not add eggs, fried bread stick or no fried bread stick,
When I was ready to order, I heard a small loss.
No fried bread stick,
My clay oven rolls can't wrap the fried bread stick.
I can only pack eggs, a little pity,
But fortunately, I used to have a friend who took it with a clay oven rolls
with fried bread stick for me to eat.

                 First select the drink, then the meal, and finally the payment to pay,
The action is very fast, one after another, urging the guests,
The attitude needs to be understood.

Under normal circumstances, I do not eat so much starch,
I want to try the difference between thick clay oven rolls and thin clay oven rolls.
I’m going to go down,
There is also a bowl of salty soy milk and a radish cake.
A total of NTD$125.

Thick clay oven rolls

salty soy milk

radish cake

Thick clay oven rolls

Thick clay oven rolls are really heavy,
Compared with traditional clay oven rolls,
Solid and strong,
The skin is crispy with aroma of flour,
Eat with a slight sweet taste,
Add the aroma of the egg and feel good.

When I saw the first salty soy milk, I thought it should be very rich.
Unlike the salty soy milk in other stores, it will look like water,
This illusion is eating douhua,
Crispy fried bread stick, soaked in soy milk,
There will be no fuel consumption.

The inside of the clay oven rolls is moist and not very dry.
Compared to thick clay oven rolls, it’s delicious.
And you can eat if you eat one.

Radish cake

The radish cake, the radish inside is very real,
A bite is full of radish,
The taste is not over-flavored, just for me.
The wetness inside is well mastered!

2nd floor public area

2nd floor public area

 2nd floor public area

Occasionally eating is not bad, but thinking about queuing up 
or going early in the morning will dispel the thoughts.
It really takes a whim to have this impulse to run.



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