Food in Taipei,Jinfeng braised pork on Rice-Taiwanese popular traditional street food-line up- MRT Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall Station

Taiwan must eat traditional street food.
One of Taipei’s famous braised pork on rice food spots,
Jinfenglu braised pork on rice,
Many tourists who come to Taipei to visit will come here.
The traffic location is convenient and easy to find.
Business hours are also long,
Queuing is the normal state, and the turnover rate is high.
Waiting time does not need to be too long,
Serving time is fast.

Friends come to the neighborhood,

Will stop and take a look,
By the way, consider whether you should eat it.

Yep! I just lined up and ate in the way.
And just after a few days, I went to eat with my family once.

The clerk really didn’t have time to stop and rest.
I have been seeing that they are busy,
The fire of the stove is also burning all the time.
The food in the pot has been stewed.


The take out and the inner use are lined up separately.
The internal use can follow the signs to line up.
There are not many tables in it.
So it may be necessary to work with other people,
The environment is very noisy and the staff are very busy.
Attitude sometimes feels unfriendly,
The health condition is sometimes slightly unclean,
The table will also have time to forget to wipe.


When I go to eat alone, I am at the table with other people.
The clerk also misread my order and sent less oil tofu.
I don't know if they have a table that every clerk is responsible for.
Otherwise it should be quite easy to get confused.


The braised pork are fat and thin,
This is the proportion I like,
It’s not fun to eat only lean meat.
If it is too fat, it will be too greasy.
Jinfeng braised pork on rice is sweeter and not too salty.
Rice is not soft or hard,
The rice that has absorbed the sauce is the beginning of enjoyment.
Serve with crispy pickled cucumbers.

Plus pork meat soup and oil tofu,
This match is a perfect combination.
There is a feeling that traditional snacks should be eaten like this.

When I go to eat with my family every few days,
braised pork on rice is still essential,
However, the type of soup changed.
And you can find that the pickled cucumbers are not the same.
I prefer the pickled cucumber I used to eat.
Is it related to different sizes?

rice noodles and vegetablebamboo shot

Dry rice noodles is to change the rice of braised pork into rice noodles.


Ding Biancuo is not recommended at all,
Really not,
Personally feel that it is not good to eat,
Other soups have better choices.

Jinfenglu braised pork on rice will not be bad,
After all, each family’s recipe will be different.
As long as it suits your taste, it is delicious.
Especially this Taiwanese snack,
a lot of selectivity,
For me it is OK,
It is a restaurant that you might want to eat if you pass nearby.
As long as you don't have to queue for too long, haha!



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