Food in Taipei,Songshan,Japanese Cuisine,KIRAKU Sushi きらくすし-Nanjing Sanmin MRT Station【Closed】

Inside the 5th section of Nanjing East Road,
There are many kinds of food,
Whether it’s street food or exotic cuisine,
The choice is very rich,
 the good neighbors of the office workers and the residents around,
a touch of envy,
But it also means that the competition here is fierce.
No point of strength can be mixed here,
Everyone's mouth is very picky.

Front door

This house is hidden in the alley, not very eye-catching,
Small signboards and billboards,
Don't walk in this direction,
Outside, You can't see any Japanese food.

Front door

There will be an illusion at the door.
Next door looks a lot like a home.
The sushi restaurant is on the first floor of the residential area.
The friend said that the next door should be the boss’s home.
Very amazing.

Famous items

I was late to the restaurant that day.
The friend has been waiting for me in the store.
Did not carefully look at the popular items recommended at the store entrance,
Later, when I was about to leave, I discovered that I was eating popular items.

The interior of the restaurant is very warm and not too crowded.
Simple and simple, it makes people feel very comfortable.
The environment is very clean,
It was very lively when you were full of guests.

There are a variety of age groups at noon.
Nearby office workers and parents bring children here.

There is a row of sake,
Come here and order a bottle to drink, don't worry,
You can store your wine and come back next time.

We are sitting at the bar,
The vision is very good, you can directly see the boss is processing the ingredients,
But it is a bit evil, seeing everything wants to eat.



MenuMiso soup

When I hesitate to know what to eat,
The boss gave me advice,
Let me try the fire salmon and flounder with rice.
My friend also called me a package by the way.
Why is it not my own decision?
Because I was called when I woke up,
The head is still awake,


Upgrade package +NTD$60,
With salad, miso soup and dessert.

Simple Japanese style salad with a slightly sour appetizer,
The amount is slightly less.
There is a salmon trim in the miso soup.
Light taste of miso and fresh fish,
Just right, by the way, help me recover,
Just be careful when you drink, fish bones,
Can't drink too fast, or it is easy to swallow the fish bones.
(I almost stuck to the fish bones)

fire salmon and flounder fin meat with rice

fire salmon and flounder fin meat with rice NTD$320
The top of the tangerine, wasabi, ginger, can help greasy,
Or the feeling of the mouth, the rice below is moderately soft,
With elasticity, it is accompanied by the aroma of fish after roasting.
Half-baked salmon with fat-rich flounder
Let me can't stop.

Angel red shrimp sashimi rice bowl

Angel red shrimp sashimi rice bowl NTD$650,
Luxurious exaggeration, the art of setting the plate,
People don’t know how to start,
The following stone basins are very weighty, and they will be soft without any effort.
The sashimi is very fresh and the friends are very satisfied.
I have no conversation when I eat, and I concentrate on enjoying food.
The only problem, they left a bunch of vinegar rice,
I also told me to eat it, but the ingredients above were eaten by them.
is this correct?
Suffering in my heart!

SushiChicken wings

 Fire Ming Taizi scallops NTD$140, Ming Taizi chicken wings NTD$180.


The dessert was not eaten, and it was given to girls and friends.
So if you want to say that there is no dessert, it is better to have a bean skin sushi.
The boss is very bad, recommending fire flounder fin meat sushi,
And I simply fell into the trap,
I ordered it.


Bean skin sushi NTD$40, fire flounder fin meat sushi NTD$180.

The fire flounder fin meat sushiis placed in the mouth, and the rich fat erupts in the mouth.
I don’t feel a burden at all, and I don’t have any smell or greasy feeling.
Only full of guilt!
Comparing the bean skin sushi is too common, I actually only want to end the lunch sweetly.
Finally, I left with my stomach.
The ingredients of Joy Sushi are very fresh, the speed of serving is slightly slower, and the clerk is not too much relationship.
The boss is very talkative and feels comfortable and comfortable.
I want to go again next time!



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