Food in Taipei,Gongguan night market,Liu Ji old flavor Taiwanese egg pancake,Honey sweet potato-popular line up food

I haven’t been to the Taipei Gongguan Night Market several times.
But every time I go,
I will see a very prominent street vendor.
After all, queuing crowds is a feeling that never stops,
Still in the obvious place of the alley,
It is difficult to not notice.

Every time I see this, I line up together!


That is Liu Ji old flavor Taiwanese egg pancake.
It also sells honey sweet potatoes,
But I have never bought it once.
Although it looks pretty good,
My attention is on the Taiwanese egg pancake.
A price of NTD$30 is really not expensive.
Even if this is still higher than before,
Waiting to see its size,
Still very surprised,
I feel that there are Taiwanese egg pancake, in the breakfast shop.

The batter is made by the store itself.
Add a lot of green onions,
After laying the eggs,
Frying on the baking sheet,

Although there are two baking trays on the booth,
But the boss is very fast,
It doesn't take long to wait.
Looking at the boss's operation is also very enjoyable.

One serving is half the whole green onion egg pancake,
And it is very thick,
I tried to buy two servings of green onion egg pancake.
The result is that the stomach is full,
Other night market food are not eaten.

The store has five kinds of sauces.
Pepper, chili, plain (soy sauce), sweet sauce, garlic,
The boss recommended the chili sauce that made by themselves.
But they will be friendly and reminded that they will be very hot.
Don't add too much.

The palate is soft and the middle is moist.
The aroma of the green onion and the aroma of the flour are obvious.
The presence of eggs is weak,
Hot eating or bringing home a little cold,
Still feel good,
Is a simple and simple food,
Do not add too much sauce,
Can be used as a role in helping the green onion egg pancake.

The boss wife, even when she is very busy,
Still keep smiling and communicate with customers.
Will also introduce sauces,
Very good and cheap food.


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