Food in Taipei,Xinyi District, PinchuanLan - Beef Noodles

Sometimes you can't be deceived by appearance.
But can't just look at the appearance,
Really very difficult,
The same is true for eating.
Looks good, clean,
The environment is good, but is the taste really good?
Is Pinchuanlan delicious?


 There are awkward things to admit,
When I write this down,
Shin Kong Mitsukoshi A11's Pinchuanlan store was closed,
But there have other store.



What about decorating, just aim at it,
It is estimated that the design of each store will not be too different.
The name is good to listen to.

The name comes from Sichuan and Lanzhou.
The "Chuan series" of braised flavor and the "Lan series" soup head with clear stew taste,
Beef noodles are their main commodities.







However, some of our family members do not eat beef.
Only a small number of my family can taste the beef noodles.
Is it really good?

The beef noodles are different from the soup heads.
There are also many types of links.
The beef slices on the picture look very enjoyable.

appetizersChinese cabbage

The selectivity of vegetables is not much,
The sauce is too salty and heavy,
It has covered the taste of the ingredients.

Beijing sauce pork wire with a pound cake

Beijing sauce pork wire with a pound cake,
The crust tastes good. Have a touch of flour,
Still with strength, hardness is just right,
You can eat it alone or with pork.
Even if you wrap the pork with Beijing sauce,
Still feel that the taste is too salty,
You can understand that the seasoning of Beijing sauce pork is more than one.

Yogurtgreen curry chicken with a pound cake

Yogurt green curry chicken with a pound of cake,
 its appearance is a bit off,
So it is imaginable not to be very authentic.

No bones short ribs noodles

No bones short ribs noodles,stewed soup,
The beef is soft and not tough, 
and the broth is poured to make the beef hot.
Also with pink color, the noodles are strong and elastic.
The taste is not bad, compared to other foods.

pickled mustard

Of course, the beef noodles will not lack the pickled mustard.
Cut is relatively large and thick,
However, the original beef noodles will not feel greasy.

The overall dining experience is actually very common.
Not very worthwhile, seasoning needs to be strengthened,
Pinchuanlan, we may go there only once.

The End!


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