Food in Taipei,Neihu,Skylark California Style Restaurant

After visiting the hypermarket in Neihu,
 I just met the meal time.It’s awkward,
Food court is sometimes really uninteresting.
I want to find a place where I can slowly chat.
Relatives remember that there is a Skylark California Style Restaurant here.
But I am not sure if I have opened it.
She has not eaten for a while,
Take us to find it.

The moving line of the hypermarket is really getting lost.
I thought that near the food court,
It turned out that it was not in the same area as the food street.
I have to say that I was a little surprised when I saw the door.
This decoration is a bit good, especially in the hypermarket.
There is also a bit of Western style.

I always thought that the California Style Restaurant was the name of the store.


The store is bright and spacious, and it can accommodate many customers.
Suitable for friends gathering, family dining, dating couples,
There will be no feeling of crowding.







A business lunch can be served at noon, either à la carte or on a set menu.
A great value dinner in the evening, with a wide selection of options.
But why is the California style?
Is it because of the relationship between international cuisine?
Thai, Yi, French, Japanese, Western,
When I saw the menu, I thought I was at the UN.

This time it’s mostly a great value dinner.
The set menu includes bread, soup, dessert and drinks.
It is convenient for people with selective obstacles!



The bread can be renewed once, and the clerk will ask if he wants to continue directly.
If you are worried that you can't finish it, you can take it first.
The bread is baked crispy.
Garlic bread is not rich in garlic.


The amount of corn soup is a bit small and I feel a little stingy.

creamy risotto with seabass and squid

creamy risotto with seabass and squid NTD$240,
It is recommended not to order, and the people who eat will have more than half of them.
I only gave me a bad meal, not even let me try it.

 Beef with Sukiyaki sauce

 Beef with Sukiyaki sauce NTD$328,
In addition to the main meal, the other side dishes are the same.

 Deep fried fish cooked in vinegar sauce

 Deep fried fish cooked in vinegar sauce NTD$328

 Vegetable Curry & Chicken cordon bleu platter

 Vegetable Curry & Chicken cordon bleu platter NTD$348,
I admit that it was because of the chicken chops.
Can such a good combination be heartless?

The chicken chops are moist and not dry, and the sergeant will be better at more points.
I can't pull it, I always feel that something is missing.
The curry tastes good.

Cheese pudding with wild raspberry sauce

Cheese pudding with wild raspberry sauce

Apple vinegar ice smoothie

Apple vinegar ice smoothie
Sweet and sour, to greasy, reduce guilt.

It’s Red Quinoa above the rice. It’s unexpected to not cook it with rice.
It’s a little different from the Red Quinoa that I imagined.
 The package size is just too much or too little.
Different meals will have a bad taste, some are OK, some are not very good.
The speed of serving is quite fast, except for the time required for the fried food.
The service is normal, of course, there are not many customers in the store.
But when there will be no clerk,
There is also reinforcement. 

營業時間:週一到週日 11:00-22:00


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