Travel,Dihua Street-Taipei Xiahai city god Temple-the famous place for female tourists,seeking marriage

Dihua Street, an area of early development,
Every year during the Chinese New Year, you can see lively scenes in the news.
They are all groceries that are needed for the purchase of Chinese New Year.
Whether it is the decoration of eating and drinking, you can find it (Maybe)
I didn't have to go there at any time.
I am not interested in seeing so many people.
There are also Chinese herbal medicines,
Many Chinese pharmacies will purchase here.
So the variety is very rich.
But this is not the point! !

If you are not with a foreign friend, I am not going to come here.
In my impression, every time I come to Dihua Street, I am accompanying my friends.
Especially foreign friends,why?
Can only say that they are really powerful, especially girls friends,
Regardless of Korean or Japanese girls,
Everyone knows that there is a Taipei Xiahai City God Temple that can pray to Chinese Cupid 
and ask for a marriage.
And very effective, they are all placed on the list of must-see attractions.
I also admire them.

On the way to Taipei Xiahai City God Temple,
There is a rebuilt Yongle market.
In line with the architectural style of this road,
Imitate the past architectural style to restore the past.

In addition to the hot weather, there are not so many people coming to Dihua Street.
When you get close, you will find that there are not necessarily people in other places.
But Taipei Xiahai City God Temple is really a lot of people here.

Girls account for about 80%, which is a bit exaggerated.

The proportion of foreign tourists is also very high.
It seems that no matter which country,
They are all very interested in seeking marriage.

You can simply worship and bless here.
Not necessarily asking for marriage, it is to see personal needs,
If you want a marriage, you can go to the special counter to buy a red line bag.
The staff will teach you the steps,
How to take the route and pray, which god to worship,
There is a set of processes that I can't remember.

I hope that the friends who come here to pray can do their best.
Find a boyfriend or girlfriend early, or be healthy.



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