Food in Taipei,XINYI VIESHOW,Mazendo-noodles,dumplings,fried rice

Looks good outside,
Every time I pass by, I see a lot of people dining.
But I don’t really want to step in,
Preparing to watch a movie at XINYI VIESHOW,
I can't find what I want to eat,
Just give it a try!

Front door

There is no reservation for dinner time.
Still almost no location,
However, the turnover rate here is still fast.
It really doesn't take long to eat.


Its space is rectangular and narrow.
The seats are on the right hand side of the door.
On the left hand side is the open kitchen.
There is no occlusion at all.


The Mazendo includes traditional common staple foods.
It’s noodles, dumplings, fried rice,
How can I not like it or I don’t want to eat it that day?
Will always find a way to eat?

Generally speaking, every restaurant will have better cuisine.
Are all three doing a good job?

In fact, when I first saw the name of the store,
Is there a relationship between thinking and spicy?
The idea of connecting up.

original pork pie

Original pork pie 
The size of one is about two or three.
It’s a bit ordinary to eat, it’s ok with chili sauce.
Not very recommended.

Vegetable noodles

Vegetable noodles 
It’s really the sweetness and taste of vegetables.
There is not much spice,
It’s very light,
It is quite ordinary.

Minced pork and fried soybean sauce with noodles

Noodles with Minced Pork and Fried Soybean Sauce
The noodles are strong,
The sauce is a bit too dry.

Duck blood stinky tofu

Duck blood stinky tofu
Finally, there is a big taste,
It won’t be very spicy,
Later, eating noodles and dumplings are stained with this bowl of soup.
I feel enough.

Shrimp egg fried rice

Shrimp egg fried rice
Not the delicious egg fried rice in my heart,
The number of shrimps is quite large.
But the rice is too dry,
I want to drink water every time I eat it.
Very healthy seasoning.

Original dumplings

Original dumplings
The filling is pork.
Seasoning is moderate, no sauce is OK,
Dumplings are pretty hard.

This meal is a bit empty,
There is a feeling that I don’t know what to eat,
The stomach is full, but the spirit is a little confused.
There is no food memory point at all.
It reminds me of coming to this restaurant again.
Some street shops may be delicious.
Of course this is my personal thought!



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