Food in Taipei,Gongguan night market, Zhen Ji Pig blood cake(pig blood rice pudding),classic street food,cheap food

Pig blood cake(pig blood rice pudding) is a classic Taiwanese street food.
Now it’s not a chance to see the streets and alleys.
It is mainly in the night market that it is easier to see it.
Came to the night market of the mansion, the first thing that comes to mind,
Just look for a delicious pig blood cake.
Opened familiar Google Maps,
Searched for the treasured pig blood cake,
Hiding in a small shop on a corner,
A small dining car, pig blood cake I came!

An old shop that has been in business for more than 40 years.
Simple dining equipment,
But don't neglect the taste.

Gongguan night market

In addition to pig blood cakes, there are also meat dumplings.
Nothing else, no too much food,
Even the presence of meat is not very strong,
After all, I only pay attention to the pig blood cake.

Tell the boss to have a pig blood cake,
Watching the moment the steamer opens,
The moment the steam rushed out,
There is an inexplicable sense of satisfaction,
I finally have to eat the pig blood cake.
It’s like what is a huge food for pig blood cake,
A pig blood cake is also NTD $25.

Dip in the sauce and add peanut powder and parsley.
Indispensable combination,
Perfectly forming a pig blood cake,
Nothing is the same, it is like nothing.

Hot on the palm of your hand,
Exuding the aroma of peanut powder and parsley,
I can't wait to eat my stomach.

The size and width of each pig's blood cake are different.
The rare pig blood cake is a relatively wide version.
Peanut powder does not feel damp,
Still quite fresh, and full of dip,
Completely covered the pig's blood cake,
Seeing so much satisfaction,
The body pig blood cake is just right and soft,
There won't be too soft,
Also has a mouthfeel elasticity,
The sauce mix is also very good.
If you are spicy, you must add spicy sauce.


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