Food in Taipei World Trade Center,2019 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition-Jindu Restaurant

Red vinasse Braised Pork Rice, and White Bamboo Shoot meat ball Soup

At the 2019 Taiwan Culinary Exhibition, there is a special area where there are local foods to display stalls. There will be local famous restaurants or traditional snacks. Jindu Restaurant is a restaurant that has not been heard. Later, when they bought it, they knew that they were Nantou’s local restaurant. .

The main thing is that they make table dishes and order dishes. It is a restaurant of a certain size. When it comes to this scene, there is not much space. It is relatively simple to show publicity. This is just the moment I am very interested in eating, it is braised pork rice. In fact, there is a Huxuzhang next to it, but the same expensive, the weight has not increased, then try another try.


In particular, they are not traditional braised pork rice, but braised pork rice made with red vinasse. How is it different from tradition? Interested in eating? It is rare.

In addition, the white bamboo shoots meat ball soup is also the first time to see, what is the taste of adding white bamboo shoots to the meatballs?

red vinasse braised pork rice and  white bamboo shoots meat ball soup

Buy red vinasse braised pork rice and  white bamboo shoots meat ball soup, and give a bowl of dessert. It is also a winter melon with Hyptis suaveolens that has not been eaten.

red vinasse braised pork rice

Red vinasse braised pork rice is not greasy. It has no traditional sauce flavor, light sweetness, no too much fat, mainly lean meat, served with marinated ginger and dried radish to adjust the taste in the mouth. ,
The red vinasse braised pork rice is really different from the traditional braised pork rice. It is completely new taste, but the only pity is that the rice is too soft and moist, which is a disadvantage, otherwise it is good.

white bamboo shoots meat ball soup has the crispness of white bamboo shoots, small pieces of small pieces in the meatballs, and the chewy combination of the meatballs has a rich taste, unexpectedly delicious, boiled broth is very flavorful, a bite of soup Pilaf is only enjoyable.

The taste of winter melon with Hyptis suaveolens is very special. It has no taste. The source of the taste is just winter melon tea. Hyptis suaveolens tastes a bit like a seed. Listening to the clerk said that it helps a little bit of health. It feels like Chinese herbal medicine. It is more common in central of Taiwan.


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