Food in Taipei,Taipei City Hall,Café & Meal MUJI Uni-ustyle Store-Simple and Compact combo

 To be honest, I have been to the era of unity many times.
I have also visited MUJI many times.
But there has not been much concern about Café & Meal, which is open from MUJI.
Is the environment good? It looks good, simple and clean,
What about meals? They are all visible in the cupboard.

Is it good to eat? Not interested in trying
Until this time limit, in order to avoid traffic jams on the highway,
The family chose this place.

At the earliest time, there was only MUJI.
Café & Meal MUJI, which was later opened,
They are next door,
Very conspicuous.

Hot Food


Food fridge

A cupboard is hot, and a cupboard is cold and dessert.
Choose the number of hot and cold foods according to 
the package selected by the individual.
They are called four or five combo.
Simply put, four products are able to order 4 different dishes.
Two kinds of hot food, two kinds of cold food.




Potato salad


The variety of dishes is very rich.
A collection of national cuisines,
It includes Western, Thai, Chinese and Japanese cuisine.

Looking at the food in the window, it feels good.
But when you see the amount of food, is the mood still beautiful?



First choose a good meal, check out at the counter,
You must first find a good location in the restaurant, 
there is a standing card that can be placed on the table.
Tell others that someone is here, otherwise you will need to draw a number plate 
when there are many people.
Wait for the clerk to help arrange the seat.


Free water and paper towel cutlery should be taken by yourself.


The space in the store is big in the department store.
The seating interval is not too crowded.
Whether you are an individual or a friend, 
you can choose the place that suits you.


The main event is coming, 
what is the most important meal after the table is served?

Meal Combo

Four products combo NTD$270+16  cereal rice NTD$20
Yep! The amount is like a photo, a small bowl of miso soup,
 a small bowl of rice,
Dishes with empty dishes,
this is all.

Is it very delicate and simple!


Meal combo

cuisineMiso soup


The taste is ok, not too bad, whether hot or cold,
Seasoning is in place, there is no excessive seasoning,
But this meal has only one feeling after eating.
It’s emptiness, eating is eating, but it seems to have not eaten.
Think about it from another angle, this is to control the diet,
 not excessive diet,Then think of the price,
 almost NTD$300 to eat these weights,
Going to the Taiwanese buffet should be worthwhile,
  the value is very cost-effective.
The rest of the cost may be quite a lot, and the loss is lost.

You ask me if I will go again, 
personally think that if it is not a special situation,
I won’t go again, it’s not a bad meal, it’s not that value.
There are other better options.

Café&Meal MUJI 統一時代店
週一~週四 11:00-21:30,Last order 21:00
週五~週日、國定假日 11:00-22:00,Last order 21:30


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