Food in Taipei,Gongguan night market,Chen Sanding-brown sugar frog(bubble) milk founding shop

Before going to the next door to buy a Lanjia guabao,
First come buy a cup of Chen Sanding,
Seeing the crowds in the queue is a bit skeptical about life.
Arranged to the back of a long column,
the front of the store is also a winding line,
At first glance, the passers-by standing at the door 
of the store seemed to be in line.
In fact, they are just looking at this scene and 
watching where to start queuing.

Front door

Chen Sanding and Lanjia guabao are located
 in the corner of the alley.
Very conspicuous, no matter the signboard, at a glance,
Or the crowd people,
Don't worry about finding it, don't worry.
I am afraid that I have no patience.

line up

Friends who like to drink bubble milk tea,
Most of them should have heard of Chen Sanding 
in the Gongguan night market.
Even if I haven't drunk, I have seen a lot of
 its introductions or news reports.

So why come to the Gongguan night market, why not try it,
What is the charm of it?
Can attract everyone to drink a cup of brown sugar frog milk.

Like me, I feel ordinary about bubble milk tea now.
Usually do not drink these drinks,
I am very interested in trying to give it a try.
I just heard that many times,
But which one did not drink at one time,
I have to drink at least to satisfy my curiosity.

Actually, I have a very vague impression.
I seem to have had a drink when I was young.
But can't verify,
Or is it a strong desire to tell me that I must drink?

I finally got my hand,
The legendary Chen Sanding brown sugar frog  milk,
The brown sugar bubble below are still warm.
With chilled milk above,
Presenting a very obvious contrast of temperature differences,
Their bubble are cooked,
Sugar is not adjustable,
Only ice can be adjusted.

After shaking, he is quite cured.
Just drinking the first bite feels a bit sweet,
After shaking evenly, after diluting with ice,
Less ice feels just right,
Too much ice will make the milk taste lighter.
This sweetness and milky aroma are very good.
Bubble are chewy and elastic.
Personally feel that it is not bad,
The sweetness of brown sugar won't make me feel too sweet.
Still worth a drink.

But this is just a personal preference!



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