Food in Taipei,Lioupin gourmet restaurant-Neihu shop,Chinese cuisine

Front Door

After going to the main store of Yongkang Street last time, 
go to the Lioupin gourmet restaurant.
This time I came to the Lioupin gourmet restaurant Neihu shop.
On the first floor of an office building,
There are also office areas nearby, and the residential area 
is still a short distance from here.
The nearest MRT station will take 10-15 minutes to walk.
If you don't drive, traffic is not so convenient.
There is a paid parking lot in the basement.
1 hour NTD$40, can be considered.

The time of this trip is the last day of the holiday.
So there are not many guests, just call before you arrive.
There are still locations, and the clerk said that the business of
 the holiday is not very good.
Everyone went out to play, picking this time to eat seems to be correct,
Otherwise, it may be full.

Front Door






The height of the indoor ceiling is high.
The lights are bright and there is no pressure.
Most of the seats are big tables.
There are not many seats for 3-4 people.
And they are all close, a little cramped,
The air conditioner is very strong.
Friends who are afraid of cold should bring a thin coat.

Luckycatfamous people visited

There are cute lucky cats at the door, 
and some famous people come to the photo after the meal.
I did not look carefully at who had come, 
their tastes are not necessarily the same as me.
I think it's more important to be delicious, right.



The taste is good, the stomach was very hungry that day.
The more hungry you eat, the more appetizing you are.
Salty and balsamic vinegar!

Shredded dried tofu and pork

We only have three people to eat,
The dishes are simpler.
The classic dish is ordered twice.
Shredded dried tofu and pork  is one of them.
You can choose pork or beef.
The dried tofu are very fine, and the fried taste is very tasty.
The amount of dried tofu and shredded pork is very large.
There won't be a pile of dried tofu, but there is very little pork.
Salty rice, the taste is heavy, a bit oily,
You can eat two bowls of rice with this light.

Wrinkly old man tofu

Wrinkly old man tofu,
Fried egg tofu, crispy and tender inside,
Like the feeling of eating meat,
The vinegar scent of the sauce will not be greasy when eaten.
Instead of appetizing, the vinegar is just embellished.
Will not let you over-acid.


Pork ball casserole

Pork ball casserole

Classic dish, pork ball casserole,
A lot of Chinese cabbage has released sweetness.
There are bean vermicelli below, and the soup looks light.
But it is rich and it is very sweet.

I feel that there are many other dishes that
 I really want to eat and see.
Unfortunately, there are too few people to go, 
and the stomach is too small.
No way to eat again,
It is suitable for multi-person dinners, 
and the dishes can be very rich.
It must be very enjoyable to eat,
I feel like I am going to eat, 
and I want to eat when I see someone else’s table.



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