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Suddenly I don’t know what I’m thinking of,
I remember that I used to eat a restaurant in the eastern part
 of Taipei for a few years ago.
I searched the Internet and remembered that in the alley 
after the exit of a MRT station,
I really found the Tsukishima Monjayaki,
In the vague impression, it should be this restaurant.

Anyway, I haven’t eaten the Tsukishima Monjayaki for a long time.
This kind of food like a Japanese snack!

Fortunately, we have made an appointment in advance.
There are still a lot of guests during the meal, 
and soon they are filled with people.
The space inside the restaurant is not big, and the seats are very close.
But eat this food. This is more lively,
Very happy environment.


Although not a hands-on operation,
Are clerk services,
But looking at the clerk's cooking process,
It is also as exciting as the performance.

The smoke exhaust in the store is not very good.
This is something that needs to be improved.



There are many flavors of Monjya-Yaki, Kansai-Fu-O-Konomi-Yaki,
As for their detailed explanations,
Please Google,
Haha! !

In fact,MODANYAKI is to Kansai-Fu-O-Konomi-Yaki and 
add Japanese noodles.
Will be richer and more full.


The same baking tray as teppanyaki,
It’s just a lot smaller, just in the middle of the table.


There was a small shovel in the front of the seat.
Very cute and cute, just like the long shovel placed on the iron plate.
It is a miniature version of the shovel. This is the tool for eating text.


You can feel the history of this restaurant.
Things are a bit old,
Especially worried about the oil stain caused by soot, but it is still clean.
The greasy feeling is not too heavy.


The first one was Monjayaki.


Will first pour the ingredients into the iron plate and stir fry.
If you have about eight minutes, 
pour the batter into the center (the space will be left in the middle).
Blended with ingredients,
This step will be repeated 2-3 times.
Bring the final ingredients into a blend with the batter.
Ready to eat.


Sprinkled with seaweed powder,
At this time, the small shovel will come in handy.
It’s technical to dig a bite to eat.
Otherwise, but I can’t eat much, I will always lose it.
Not too greedy.

Although at first I feel that the batter above has not solidified yet.
Can you eat this? Would it be delicious?
But if you eat the first bit, it will change.
It’s a bit like eating thick food, with a slight focus below, just right,
This is very hot, be careful not to be burnt,
But you can't eat too slowly, so be careful when chatting with friends.
The hand can't stop, or it will really burn,
The clerk also came over to remind us to eat it first.

Before preparing for the next MODANYAKI,
The clerk will clean the iron plate first.
So as not to burn and taste.


Modernyaki= Kansai-Fu-O-Konomi-Yaki + noodles
It’s not enough for two people to eat, just eating one Monjayaki.
And with an Kansai-Fu-O-Konomi-Yaki, I feel that something is missing.
Just order the Modernyaki, will not tell you that you really want to eat noodles.


Pour all the ingredients together and fry them on the iron plate.
After you have fried into a golden color, you can turn it over.


The body and noodles are fried separately.
After each of them is cooked, they are combined.


After finishing, topped with the sauce and cut into 4 large pieces.
You can enjoy it.


Is it very thick and full?
This is very enjoyable to eat.


It’s a bit of a skill to really fry this way.
Otherwise let me go to frying and it will fail.
It’s just a matter of turning over.
The sauce tastes not too heavy.
Just mix it up,
Really aroma,
I ate it without a few mouthfuls.
You can also eat the taste of the ingredients,
The seafood inside is also fresh.

Although the stomach is full after eating,
But in fact, it is still a bit unsatisfi
Not so satisfied,
Maybe I still don’t think of it as a meal to eat.
But it’s good to eat it occasionally.



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