Travel in Taoyuan,Xiaowulai Scenic Resort (Part 1) - Skywalk, Fengdong Stone, Xiaowulai Waterfall

Xiaowulai Scenic Resort,
If it is not this time to come to the Xiaowulai Skywalk,
I won't know this scenic resort,
Suddenly felt that there were too few places I knew.
Mainly not very familiar with Taoyuan,
I can find this place thanks to my family.
A rare family day trip.

There is no charge for entering the gate of Xiaowulai Scenic Resort.
There are also many residents living in the scenic resort.
Did not see the public parking lot,
Parked in the private parking place NTD$100/once time.
Still acceptable price,
Go down for about five minutes and 
you will see the tourist consultation ticket office.
However, it did not open on weekdays.
To buy a ticket for the Skywalk,
 you need to go down for about five minutes.

There are indicators along the way, so don't worry about finding a way.

There are two ways to go to the sky trail.
On the right hand side of the ticket office, or on the left hand side,
On the left hand side is the trail along the river bank.
A person who is afraid of height will still be a little shaken.
The distance to look down is a bit high.
The scenery is good when the weather is good.

After I walked again, I was not leaving after the return trip.
I don't know if it is an illusion, the trail is a bit swaying.

It rained the day before, and the river has a lot of water.

Tickets NTD$50, including Skywalk and Sky Rope Bridge,
They have a rest from 12:00-13:00 at noon.
I have to say that I was the first time I knew that
 there was a lunch break in the scenic resort.

Map of the main attractions of Xiaowulai Scenic Resort,
There are only sky trails and sky rope bridges that require tickets.

It looks okay from this angle, not terrible,
Actually, I don't know if it is still behind.

The first thing I saw was the fengdong stone.
A large stone is in the middle of the river,
 and the lower reaches is the Xiaowulai Waterfall.

Go to the skywalk on the left and exit on the right.

The skywalk is simply a glass below.
You can directly see the scenery below.
Many attractions now have this facility.
And Xiaowulai’s calculation distance is relatively short,
If you don't extend too much, I won't go if I go out.

There is no feeling in the previous paragraph.
The suspended height is not visible on the glass floor.
But when it comes to the very end, it is another matter.
Especially sticking your head out,
The whole makes my legs soft,
Fear of high blood is not a sham.

Xiaowulai Waterfall is still very spectacular from this perspective.
When the amount of water is large, it is more impactful.
When you see the stones below, they are washed out by the waterfall.
The great power of nature.

Finally, I did not stay on the skywalk for a long time.
Just ran away. Thank you for not contacting!



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