Food in China,Xiamen,Chen Jia Dessert-Gui Ling Gao,French Toast,Twenty-Four flavor Bitter Tea

Another old Xiamen shop,
A dessert shop that locals know,
There is a distance to Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street,
Tourists usually don’t come here,
It doesn't look lively outside,
Would not be interested in going in this direction,
As everyone knows, there is a small shop with a lot of people here.
The store is not large. There are two floors.
Can't accommodate too many guests,
Even so, there is a constant stream of guests.

The main thing is Hong Kong-style various syrup snacks

It is said that the owner returned to Xiamen and 
opened a shop after learning dessert from Hong Kong.
It can be understood from the menu that 
they are all Hong Kong-style desserts.

Gui Ling Gao is the signature product here,
The french toast is also one of the must-orders,
The friend's wife hesitated before ordering,
What flavor of Gui Ling Gao to order,
According to the experience they have had,
She couldn't eat without any other ingredients,
I'm still wondering if it's that exaggerated,
If it is really authentic,
It's not a bad trip, why do you say that?
Of course, there are foods that they are less able to eat,
The main thing is that the real thing will have this effect.
It's not easy to find pure Gui Ling Gao,
It is a dessert that takes time and effort.

Gui Ling Gao: nourishing yin and moistening, 
reducing fire and removing annoyance, 
clearing dampness and heat, cooling blood and detoxifying,
For a few days after eating a big meal with sand tea,
Need to come down
I don't remember whether the kettle contains honey or coconut milk.

Needless to say the first bite must try the original flavor,
What kind of man is it?
No pain No gain,
Watching friends add ingredients,
thinking about saying too fast,
Can you regret it?

Just kidding, it ’s really more bitter than 
some Gui Ling Gao that I have eaten before
It ’s also rich and feels pure.
People trembled unconsciously after eating,
The french toast can also be used as a taste change,
Although it looks sinful,
But the rich flavor of milk can't resist the temptation.

This is not the highlight.
We are thinking about whether to try the 24 flavor bitter tea,
I heard that it is more violent than Gui Ling Gao.
Level up.

Twenty-four flavor bitter tea, consisting of chrysanthemum tea, 
spear root, light bamboo leaves, honeysuckle, kudzu root,
Houttuynia cordata, yam, gardenia, cassia seed,
 mint, Poria, mulberry leaf,
It is made up of twenty-four herbs, such as dandelion, 
which is so bitter that you will doubt life.

The only trick to drinking bitter tea is to get upset.
A pause is a bit more tormented,
People like me who drink Chinese medicine are relatively tolerable,
Still feel really bitter,
But after drinking it is very enjoyable,
Will slowly be a bit bitter,
I'm sorry that this cup of bitter tea is not falling.

You do n’t have to be so exaggerated as a challenge,
You don't need to force yourself,
 it's good to just eat Gui Ling Gao or other sago.




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