Food in China,Xiamen,Lao Si Xi Sha Cha Barbecue-Lin Ji ancestral heritage

You must have heard the word Shacha when you came to Xiamen.
You can see Sha Cha Noodle or the like in the streets,
You can see barbecue everywhere.
Which one is delicious is not found by locals,
I think so
why? Because I also saw a lot of barbecue when I was visiting Xiamen,
I really do n’t have any friends who brought me to this restaurant.
Maybe someone else is imitating him,
But I have to say that he should be the taste passed down 
by the older generation that Xiamen talents know.
If it ’s not recommended by a friend,
I really won't find it here,
He can still insist that it has something to do with his name.

He has no other branches.
This store has been passed down for three generations,
Just rely on his Shacha sauce.

It's a pity that we only went after we were full.
I ca n’t fill my stomach with other food.
It can be said that it is very hard to taste.
And I regret why I ate so much food.

Its grilled meat also comes with side dishes,
This is even more rare,
It should be said so far, except for their home,
I have n’t seen other barbecues with side dishes,
It ’s good for degreasing,
Or as a change in taste,
And because sand tea sauce is an important protagonist,
The roasted ingredients are based on simple processing,
Dipping tea sauce is the right way
Totally different flavors,
One cannot easily forget
It is rich and fragrant. 
It is even more fun to pick up bread and absorb the full sauce.

The sauce here is not afraid of you eating,
It can be added for free as long as it is in the store.



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