Food in China,Xiamen,The Brazen Duck-I earnestly make ducks and make good ducks globally

When I was wandering around Xiamen Zhongshan 
Road Pedestrian Street,
Seeing a very strange shape signboard,
It ’s a bit ugly and a bit cheesy,
The slogan is that I am serious about making ducks 
and making good global ducks.
I have to say that this duck is still very ambitious,
Even if you make duck, you have to do it all over the world.
The name is [The Brazen Duck],
It ’s really blunt and straightforward,
Just kidding, the main reason is that the founder ’s last name is Lai,
A recipe for roast duck from a Lai family in Malaysia.

Also because of using people who look like Jay Chou to market,
Blurred the focus of the public, 
making people think that it is the endorsement of the deity,
This one really fits the word laipi.
I did n’t arrive because I was attracted to fake Jay Chou,
I want to try to see how the bottom is different from other roast ducks.
This kind of roast duck restaurant is different from traditional restaurants.
Can be easily purchased with one person,
Convenience is very high,
After all, thinking of roast duck will require 
many people to enjoy it together.
There is no way to eat it alone.

Remember when you saw a mobile duck dining car on Taipei Road,
It ’s really rare now, very missed,
It does n’t necessarily have to be done by a special roast duck restaurant,
But it was also a little lucky before,
Suddenly thought of drooling again.

The takeaway box is more delicate,
Although it ’s still a carton, it ’s also helpful for marketing.
Of course, the above is not really Jay Chou,
Just look like a person like Jay Chou.

Is also a powerful restaurant company,
Registered trademarks in so many countries,
There are really ambitions to expand business around the world.

But in the end the problem returned to the original point,
The point is whether it tastes good or not.
Otherwise, there is no way to last long.

Choose the package combination directly,
Four roasted duck rolls and side dishes.
There are duck meat, shredded cucumber,
 spring onion, sweet noodle sauce,
Ignore the side dishes directly, really bad.

The sauce is a bit sweet and the duck meat is not tender.
Although I did n’t eat it right away, I brought it back to the hotel.
It took a while, but it wasn't hot when I got it.
It ’s warm at best, and I ’m expecting something cold.
However, this portion is personally considered to be insufficient,
The price is roughly 30 yuan,
The taste is actually ordinary,
Did not surprise me,
It is a food that I would not buy if I go to Xiamen again.


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