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Xiamen Sha Cha Noodle is a local food 
that must be eaten in Xiamen.
It is everywhere, 
and there are many delicious and well-known restaurants.
As I walk around alone,
I also found Shacha Noodles to eat,
But it was a bit ordinary at that time,
I regret the one I ate,
After leaving to return to Taiwan, 
I still wonder if there will be a chance to eat authentic Shacha noodles.
How regretful otherwise
Although it ’s not that I have no chance to come again, I just missed it.
Eating local food is important to me.
The main reason is that I also love to eat.

On the last day before flying back to Taiwan,
A friend made an appointment with me to take me to the airport,
He also said that by the way, 
he should have breakfast before going on time.
Right now I do n’t know if I want to eat Sha Cha Noodles,
Waiting until the restaurant saw a long line of people,
There was an unexpected sense of surprise and tension,
The surprise is that they want to eat 
Sha Cha noodle or brought by local people,
Although I was looking for a restaurant to drop off at the airport,
But it is also one of the well-known stores of Xiamen Shacha Noodles.
Nervous is seeing this crowd of people,
Can you eat it and not delay my flight?

Is this restaurant name trendy?

He has been in business for more than 25 years,
This store only opens in the morning,
 but does n’t have food in the afternoon and evening.
Late in the morning, you need to wait patiently for the queue time.
If you eat it in less than half an hour, like me,
It's good luck.

There are more than 20 kinds of ingredients, 
and seafood accounts for a third.
Are fresh seafood purchased in the morning, not frozen seafood,
When I first saw it, I was really dazzled.
Whether you see the menu or the ingredients on display,
It feels like I do n’t know how to start,
Too rich.

A large pot of sand tea soup is cooked next to the hot water,
Add the ingredients to the bowl and drizzle the hot sand tea soup.
To form a complete bowl of sand tea noodles,
No fixed ingredients,
The essence of the soup is the point,
So when I ask my friends what they recommend,
He just gave me a sentence to see what you like,
Also very dumbfounded,
I thought there were ingredients that locals must eat.

But if you come here to see jellyfish,
You can order it, it's really big and fat.

The price is based on the choice of different ingredients,
There will be different prices,
I remember this bowl I ate was RMB $ 58,
Of course, because of seafood,
But the price of eating a bowl of noodles is also unexpected.
The price of black sugar tea noodles will be relatively high,
But its seafood is quite fresh,
The servings are also quite large.

The first action to get noodles is to take a bite of sand tea soup,
It ’s different from the sauce that is familiar in Taiwan.
Similar in some way,
Shacha soup is very strong, fragrant but not greasy, 
with a touch of peanut aroma.
Slightly spicy, I really want to take another sip,
A bite of noodles and a soup,
Very enjoyable.

Wutang Sha Cha Noodle are in the old community,
The environment is a bit old, with too many guests coming and going,
The service is very local, so sit down quickly when you see the location.

Come in the morning for a bowl of Sha Cha noodle,
That day is full of energy.


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