Food in Taoyuan,Yangmei,Da Yangmei Goose restaurant(Yangmei Founding Store)- Hakka Cuisine

When the younger brother went to military service a few years ago,
The place where the troops are going is in Yangmei,
Just when he was retired, the family went to pick him up.
Get ready to celebrate a meal,
I don't have this kind of treatment, crying.

We are not too familiar with this place,
I went to a friend and introduced what was delicious.
I recommended the big Yangmei Goose Village.
Time is also awkward, it’s too late to eat back in Taipei.
Just give it a try.
And it’s Hakka cuisine,
Our family is a Hakka,
I still have a good impression of Hakka cuisine.

It has a car park attached.
Don't worry about parking, or stop parking near the restaurant.
It is to go for 5 minutes, but also convenient for food.

If you want to eat or find something,
The relationship in the town, it is very early to rest,
Open only until 8pm,
This is not the main one,
If it is too late, you can't eat goose.

Well, we didn't eat the goose, it was sold out at six o'clock in the evening.
The store is saying that booking is the best, or you can only take chances.

The goose that represents their family has no fate with us.
Anyway, there are other dishes to eat,
A total of 10 recommended dishes are listed.
It seems to be good too, very attractive.

Hakka rice noodles, traditional Hakka rice noodles,
The dough is a magnified version of 
a round bar shaped like a regular noodle.
But the materials are different,
The taste is also different, the rice fragrance has a little elasticity,
It is a kind of noodle that I like very much.
Especially with the Hakka soup base, 
the taste of salty flavor can eat several bowls.
Now you have to eat the traditional Hakka taste of the Hakka.
Still relatively few.
The taste of the soup base is almost similar to that of Hakka rice balls.
It’s still delicious here.

And the weight is a lot, and the dishes that 
are almost behind can't be eaten.

Green beans and eggplant, the green beans are not crisp,
 and the eggplant is bright and soft.
Simple frying is also very good, and the seasoning is just right, 
it is very suitable for rice.
Eggplant can be disguised as a meat.

Hakka fried flat noodles, the slats are chewy and not bad,
The color looks deep and the taste is not too heavy.
The aroma of the ingredients is well integrated.
Can also eat rice incense.

A table full of dishes, like many of us come to eat,
In fact, there are four people who want to eat when they order food.
After the dishes are all on, I regret it.
Everyone is walking out of the restaurant door with their stomachs.
Hakka rice moss and slats can also count as staple food.
However, Hakka cuisine is very good, and I don’t know if I can order rice.
Um, I still order rice, I only eat vegetables or taste too heavy.
This meal is a satisfying departure.
The dishes are doing pretty well.
Regardless of the flavor or weight of each dish,
In fact, it is rare to eat so many flavors of food.
Even if we are Hakka, for health reasons,
It’s also very controlled now, and it’s relatively light,
Occasionally eating this once is still very enjoyable.
Goose meat does not know when there is a fate!




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