Food in Miaoli,Gongguan,The eleventh Gongguan noodle restaurant-Hakka cuisine

Miaoli Gongguan has a restaurant with a special name.
The 11th official Gongguan noodle restaurant, very local name,
It is normal to use the local name as the store name.
The noodle restaurant can also understand that at a glance,
 it is a restaurant based on noodle.
What is the eleventh?
Where did the previous ten sessions go, 
and when will the next few sessions be there?
It‘s a Gongguan junior high school in this town.
Miaoli Gongguan  is the hometown of the owner .
The eleventh may be the year he graduated from
 the Gongguan junior high school.

There is not much choice in this restaurant in the Gongguan,
There is an alternative place to choose from.
The size of the restaurant is also the largest in the vicinity.
There is also a parking lot, except for locals.
There are also many tourists from other places.

The meal is also very local,
Mainly Hakka cuisine,
You can come in and eat a bowl of noodles.
You can also order a table for a lot of people to eat.
Just for the holidays, you have to line up.

The queuing method is very traditional, 
looking for a clerk to do registration,
Always pay attention to whether you are called,
Otherwise, there is a chance to miss the number.

There must be psychological preparation in terms of service attitude.
Not very good, everyone has no patience and urgency,
This is not something that can be explained by the guests.
Even if it is really busy.

Braised pork, Hakka is made with heavy taste,
 salty and fragrant,
It’s worth it to let you eat a few bowls of rice.
So I took care of it, and the photos I took were not in focus.
It is understandable, right.

Hakka bamboo shoots are an indispensable dish for eating Hakka cuisine.
In addition to the fact that the bamboo shoots are tender,
 they must be cooked in broth.
The food that was eaten that day was slightly normal.

The taste of the fried flat noodle is steamed,
 and the slats are fragrant and glutinous.
It won't be very soft and easy to spread, simple side dishes,
OK, but because it’s not me,
I just took a sip.

Spicy steamed pork ribs (flat noodle) is my order,
Taro is one of the agricultural products of theGongguan.
It tastes solid and not soft, and it retains its shape after cooking.
Will not find it, the pork ribs are sincere,
The fried appearance has been filled with the soup,
Spicyness is close to spicy in my opinion.
Fragrant and appetizing, sweating after eating.

The spicy taro soup tastes less obvious.

There are many other side dishes to choose from.
It’s OK, you can consider it 
when you don’t know what to eat in the mansion.
Of course, the taste is a matter of opinion. 
My relatives like to have another shop.
It’s not so good here, it’s not bad.



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