Food in Taipei,Nangang District,No. 13 vermicelli-Handmade vermicelli,Taichung Dongshan Ba wan

Houshanyi MRT Station No. 2 is less than 5 minutes away.
There is a No. 13 vermicelli, 
which is exactly the same as the house number.
I didn’t pay attention to it at the beginning. 
The address is No. 13 Zhongpo South Road.
It’s only when you take a picture, you just connect it,
This store is actually a vermicelli shop that took over the previous year.
Later, it was renamed No. 13 vermicelli, 
and the business was much better than before.

At the earliest time, there was no Ba wan.
The simple selling vermicelli is mainly
It’s only been two years since they started selling the Ba wan.
Still from Taichung Dongshan Ba wan,
Although I have not eaten a  Taichung Dongshan Ba wan,
But should it be a little famous to write it out?

Adding more of this kind of dish is not too complicated.
Can also attract more different customer groups.

The price is basically the same as other Taipei vermicelli shops.
I thought that the cheap Taiwanese street food 
before the time were all good and cheap.
The children are very happy to eat.
 Now the price can  buy a lunchbox and eat it.

Just eating a vermicelli is OK,
The intestine and the oyster can be 
added to see your personal preferences.

The basic seasoning with the vermicelli,
Black vinegar, garlic, chili sauce,
No matter which one is not missing.

Vermicelli NTD$45 + Ba wan NTD$40,
There is no increase in the intestines or oyster,
Braised intestine is OK, and the treatment and seasoning are in place.
But the oyster are ordinary,
It doesn't matter if there is any.

Normally, I will not add garlic immediately.
I will eat the original taste first. 
It is obvious that this garlic is added by others.
Still can't be angry, after all, it's my mother's plus.

The vermicelli is not a soft taste.
It is also accompanied by a little noodle elasticity.
The hatfish has a distinct taste and is thicker.
This comparison is not for me,
I don’t like it too much,
Also affected the soup,
But the taste is OK.

Ba wan

Ba wan

Ba wan

A Ba wan, the Ba wan here are deep fried,
The stuffing is pork and dried bamboo shoots, with a hint of pepper.
There will be no smell of meat, and the sauce outside is salty and sweet.
It is just right, the meaty skin is very elastic and elastic.
It is also very thick, and the proportion of the
material relative to the stuffing is a little less.
It’s a pity that I feel a bit greasy when I eat it at the end.
I have a little chili sauce to change the taste.
Finally, I saw that the oil floated on the bottom of the bowl.




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