KOI Thé Tea Fashion Brand Xiamen Store-Taiwan 50Lan System focuses on overseas brands

When I went to Xiamen, China, 
to chat with my friends a few years ago,
Talking about Taiwan’s 50Lan,
It is also a well-known brand in Taiwan.
As long as you have been drinking bubble milk tea,
No one has ever heard of its name,
However, in China, 
someone else has registered the brand name of 50Lan.
It has made it impossible to open stores in China.

Later, my friend recommended me to 
drink KOI Thé's bubble milk tea.
It’s a good drink, it’s a bit like the taste of the 50LAN.
I heard that it has a relationship with the 50LAN.
But at that time, my friends were not sure, right?
With the idea of trying it out, I bought a cup when I saw KOI Thé.
Absolutely not I want to drink bubble milk tea.

The scary thing is that it has been open for so many years.
We only know this store,
I went back to Taiwan to check the Internet and found out that
It’s really a relationship with the 50Lan.
Is the sister of the 50Lan boss, 
the brand established for the overseas market,
The overall style and brand setting are different from the 50Lan.

It looks a bit like an advanced version of the 50Lan.
Both are more fashionable, 
(Xiamen Airport store should be closed).
Needless to say, the price,
The price of hand tea is higher than that of Taiwan.
But the taste is still a bit similar,
Bubble are chewy, tea tastes,
Better than expected,
After all, I still think that the bubble milk tea in Taiwan
 is the best drink.


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