Life | Labrador puppy-super cute,ran out of Kleenex toilet paper?

That night after suddenly receiving a call,
A puppy needs to be greeted and 
briefly taken care of by my brother,
I was completely caught off guard and 
had to take care of everything without preparation.
It ’s really a headache,
 and a lot of speechless things happened during the period.
Skip it, but when I saw it, there were fewer complaints,
It's too cute.

When it first arrived, it was not adapted to the environment,
Hiding in the corner looking for security,
Or lying on this little yellow bed,
It doesn’t eat,it sleeps very well,
But don’t blame it, after all, that day was also a toss.
Change from one place to another,
Looking at his eyes,
 the glittering ones felt pitiful and wanted to comfort him.

And it is less than two months old, and its birthday is 2019/10/13,
Coincidentally, it was the same birthday as my brother.
This makes my brother a little bit more reluctant,
Especially worried about taking care of them 
for a while and sending them away,
Although it will not be seen in the future,
But that feels amazing,
So it also reduced the foster time,
He was sent back to Grandpa's house before he was too emotional.

Even after taking care of it for less than 5 days,
I also took care of it for a short time,
I think I won't bear it anymore.

When he came, he found where it looked like a pup,
It ’s only been this big in less than two months.
 It turned out to be a big Labrador dog.
Marzis was raised as a child before, and it's really far from it.

While sleeping in this position,
I found that it was exactly the same as 
the doll with a big dog like McDonald's.
Cute. You wo n’t smile unconsciously when you see it!

In another idea, how is it different from the dog 
on the Kleenex toilet paper that I see every day,
It just ran out of it, or copied and pasted it.

Slowly adjust to the environment and start naughty.
I finally started eating, so I saved a lot of worry,
Seeing it energetic running up and down, sticky look,
It ’s really loving, and it ’s very good and smart.
Taught a few times to go to the toilet on the mat,
I go there occasionally, and it ’s normal to occasionally not be on the mat,
I did n’t pick a name until I was taken home.
I hope that when I go back to my grandfather's house,
 he will be well taken care of and he will be happy.
Go back to Grandpa's house to play with you when you have time!


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