Food in Tainan,Zhongxi District,Dongcheng Noodle Jia-Cafe? Fashion shop?

When I arrived in Tainan, it was almost lunch time.
When the Tainan friend picked me up, I was looking for a place to eat.
How can I know that local people know where to eat delicious 
when I live in Taipei?
Nature is brought with you, when you arrive at the door of the store,
I thought it was something like a coffee shop.
I don’t know what to eat,
The whole look is not like a restaurant,
The simple trend is a bit of fashion.

If no one is bringing it,
I don’t know if I have such a restaurant.
After all, the outside is not really conspicuous.
Next to it is an ordinary double-decker residential area.

The first thing I saw at the entrance was the lo mei on the right hand side.
Although there are not many types of ingredients, there are some,
It is a common type.

Below the table in the hall is a beer box.
Very interesting combination,
It’s quite confusing,
Simple and individual.

The taste of lu wei is not really strong.
a touch of marinade,
The basic taste is not very good or bad.

The soup of braised pork ribs is also light.
It is good for people who don’t eat heavy tastes.
Whether it is radish or ribs, it is very soft and tender.
The fine noodles are used, and the amount is also quite large.
Since it is called a noodle jia,
Naturally all the noodles.

At meal time, it can be said that it is overcrowded.
It’s not necessarily a place to come late.
The main thing is to combine traditional pasta with a modern style.
Make people feel comfortable and not conflict,
It is an occasion to have a simple meal and chat with friends.




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