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Located in the Chunlai oyster vermicelli near Houshanyu MRT Station,
It’s less than 5 minutes from the MRT station.
It has been opened here for more than 20 years.
The most conspicuous thing is that the car is full of celebrity signatures.
The introduction of newspapers and magazines and television is not lacking.
It is not too far from the Wufenpu.

When I first came, I was curious about the signature on the car.
I didn’t even look at it at the time, but I still felt very unsightly.
Whoever comes or not does not have anything to do with me.
I think it is important to be delicious.

The in-store environment is basically the same as in the past,
I used to eat it every few months.
After that, it is less eaten.

The clerk has a little older sister,
Sometimes the attitude is really not flattering,
I can understand a little when there are more guests.
I am impatient when there are few guests?

Please pay first is not a problem.
The problem is that when you collect money with you,
It seems that you owe her,
I think that no matter how good the food is,
The attitude makes me not want to eat so much,
Will it evolve to the present, if there is nothing to eat,
I don’t think that spring will come to the surface.

Guests are not allowed to clean up the table immediately after eating.
Maybe everyone will have a psychological feeling,
If it is not really no place,
Try not to fight with others,
And the clerk just doesn’t want to organize the desktop.
Let me go to the table with other people,
It seems to be strange.

I arrived at the store at 8 o'clock that night, 
leaving an hour and a half from the gate.
It will look empty, but there are still some.

The back kitchen is where the vermicelli is produced every day.
The front line of the front car was gone. I will add it from the back.

Garlic, black vinegar, chili sauce

Every season's essential seasonings,
Garlic, black vinegar, chili sauce.
Chili sauce is quite spicy and very spicy.


Vermicelli(not excluding intestine and oyster),
 southern rice dumpling, Braised tofu,
Only the vermicelli is on the one hand, you can eat other two more,
On the other hand, it is late, and the oyster are probably not fresh.
The intestine is actually handled well, it is very clean and has a stew.
But don't want to eat.

(Taipei is sometimes fresh and sometimes not fresh)

Southern rice dumpling

Southern rice dumpling, glutinous rice cooked very soft,
 pork is tender, with a slightly sweet sauce,
You can add a little chili sauce, the flavor is improved, and it is delicious.

 Braised tofu

Braised tofu is very delicious, 
Not too salty, the weight is still quite large.

 Vermicelli (not excluding large intestine and oyster)

Vermicelli (not excluding large intestine and oyster)
I will eat the original flavor in the first place, 
and then add the garlic and black vinegar.
This is a habit, I want to know the original taste,
Add other seasonings,
The taste of the fish is obviously not too abrupt, 
the soup base is very rich, and the time of cooking 
on the Vermicelli has been soft and rotten.
Easy to enter, there is no heavy hooking, 
and there is no sense of burden.




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