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I once had a Turkish meal when I was abroad.
But not in Turkey,
But that impression gave me a good impression.
Whether it is seasoning or taste, it can be accepted.
I also like to taste the way of cooking in different countries.
After returning to Taiwan, I also tried to find out if I could eat Turkish food.
Turkish cuisine  is really not much in Taipei, even arguably very few.
Turkey is still one of the three major cuisines in the world.
I didn’t expect the choice of so many national dishes in Taipei.
And the Turkish cuisine is so less,
The Safranbolu Turkish restaurant is unique and well known.

MRT Songjiang Nanjing Station Exit 1,
Go out for about 5 minutes after coming out.
You can see its signboard directly at the intersection 
of Jilin Road and Nanjing East Road.
Location and signboards are clearly found.

There are two floors in total, the first floor is the kitchen,
 and all the food is cooked here.
BBQ is baked with charcoal fire, 
and the production process can be seen on site.
Looking at the charcoal fire smoke is still quite a feeling,
The first floor is also a take-away area, which is quite convenient.
The price will be a little cheaper than going to the second floor.
The second floor can be counted as offset.
Everyone has to order a meal.
But if you really can’t eat it, you can still get through it.
After all, the amount is also quite a lot.

Safranbolu Turkish restaurant Menu

Safranbolu Turkish restaurant Menu

Safranbolu Turkish restaurant Menu

Safranbolu Turkish restaurant Menu

Safranbolu Turkish restaurant Menu

It’s not cheap to look at the price alone, so it’s not your own appetite.
It will also be a headache, of course, once in a while,
In addition to Taiwanese guests, 
foreign guests actually account for more than half of them.
There are even more than that, so it can be seen that for foreign friends, 
food should be authentic.
The decorations of the environment are very exotic.
Plus sitting next to a foreign guest,
There will be an illusion that this is in Taiwan?

Appetizers and complimentary bread,
Bread is also made by themselves.
Hummus is not acceptable to everyone.
Most people with taste and taste don’t necessarily eat it.
Foreign countries are full of common,
Some salads also have chickpeas.

This ball-like bread is hollow inside.
Can be used to wrap food,
Turkish specialty yogurt is completely different from what they drink.
This is salty, it is very strange to drink salty yogurt in the first place.
I feel very smooth in the back, quite good to drink.


Turkish barbecue is mutton or beef.
They are not eating pork,
Their barbecue is really good, with a spice,
Wet will not dry, but also eat the taste of meat,
This one is still quite a lot.

Red lentil soup

Red lentil soup is also a type that not everyone will like,
Even soups are accompanied by bread, and bread is a staple food for them.
There will be no feeling of fullness when eating there.
I feel good, but people in the same trade don't like it very much.


Turkish version of Pizza ‘Pide’,
In addition to the different styles and slicing methods,
In fact, eating is very similar to pizza.
Also good to eat.

Turkish desserts can only be said to be sugar-free.
At least from the desserts I have eaten before, 
it is not worthy of tea or coffee.
Really sweet and dead.

I think that authenticity is not right, let’s put it aside.
After all, I have never really been to Turkey to eat.
This is not something I can judge.
I have no habit of eating, and the taste of seasoning is acceptable.
So it is a meal that I am satisfied with.

(Of course, the restaurant is still introduced by the host Wu Feng,
 he is a Turkish)

The clerk's Chinese is not very good, can communicate, 
there is no actual Taiwanese clerk,
The entire restaurant is estimated to be entirely owned by the Turks.
The boss is a Turk and a chef who shares his country's cuisine in Taiwan.


Monday To Sunday
11:00 am to 10:00 pm



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