Travel in China,Xiamen,Zengcuoan-China's most literary fishing village?

Zengcuoan, a well-known scenic spot in Xiamen,
Nearby attractions include Xiamen University, 
Hulishan Fort, Xiamen University White City,
Huandao Road, Nanputuo Temple, Wanshi Botanical Garden, etc.

These are actually not the main reasons I would want to come,
After all, time is not too abundant, and a little rushed,
Have an appointment with a friend for dinner tonight,
In fact, I saw the description on the Internet saying that this is 
‘the most literary fishing village in China’.
I just want to come here for a walk,
Is this multi-literate, multi-literate?
Or is it simply an overstatement of promotional marketing?

It can be reached by bus or taxi.
It depends on personal choice.
In terms of time, I took a taxi and passed by.
About 20-30 minutes from Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street.

There will be other attractions on the way,
If you have time, you can take a bus to stroll slowly.

The driver took me to the back of Zengcuoan,
It can also be said to be the back door of this area.
So I was walking the other way, walking from the back to the front,
This is also quite interesting,
Is the fun and liveliness behind the front?
The spirit of adventure is not curious.

Fortunately, the weather was fine that day.
The blue sky and white clouds are just a bit hot,
It's still very leisurely walking in the alley here,
At a glance, there are many homestays.
Even if there are many alleys, you will not get lost!

Just a little messy,
It ’s all about doing business.
As long as they are mixed in every place, 
they will lose some flavor
It's a pity.

This shop, which is specifically related to letters,
It makes me feel muddy,
Although commercialized,
at least how many people have forgotten the letter,
Even mail it.

There are some small shop decoration or interior style themes.
It's a little artistic, but most of it is hard to say,
There is also a food street in the middle.
The food inside doesn't really interest me,
Either there is no local food or it says where it came from,
The problem is that I really don't know that some foods in Taiwan are sold.

Is there a familiar sense of sight,
Is it very similar to a Taiwanese band,
It is estimated that the boss likes Mayday very much.

Feel free to walk into a restaurant that looks okay,
Ordered a bowl of Xiamen specialty shacha noodles,
With a small bottle of lychee juice
It's still quite relaxing in this afternoon,
Do n’t tell the taste, just fill your belly,
In this commercialized area,
There is not much to expect for food,
The delicious food is a surprise,
It's normal that it doesn't taste good.

It ’s more like a building left in the past,
The antique is still more attractive to me.
With modern coffee, the exchange of time,
Past and present.

Came to the gate of Zeng Jun,
Have to say a little disappointed,
This building makes me feel a bit abrupt,
It also includes a bar restaurant,
It makes me incompatible with the atmosphere I should have,
Or I ca n’t get along with the art fishing village I expected,
Maybe it's lively at night,
But there is not much interest.

Actually, I walked to the shore of the opposite beach,
Maybe better
Look at the sea, not this fishing village that is actually meaningless.


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