Travel in China,Xiamen,Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street-Stroll at Night

A group of people sitting or standing on the road,
What is it like watching a projection movie?
Regardless of what the movie is,
Even if the road is blocked forbidden,
It's amazing to see this scene on the road!
Maybe it ’s normal for locals,
Or a normal event,
Still refreshed my horizons,
Because everyone is so calm,
Enjoy what it looks like,
Be distinctive.

The Zhongshan Road pedestrian street 
during the day feels different from the night,
The lights changed after they appeared,
Everyone is free to walk on the road,
Whether it ’s with friends or family,
Are enjoying a relaxing life at night,
Of course there are still many people,
Especially tourists, but regardless of day and night,
Will come here for a trip.

Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street gathers department stores,
With all kinds of merchandise stores,
There is no shortage of food, drink and fun,
To the end is the sea,
Overlooking Gulangyu Island,
Formed a prosperous crowded pedestrian street.

There are also pineapple cake shops you don't want to try, haha.

A road that will be blocked regardless of day or night,
Intersect with Zhongshan Road Pedestrian Street,
But the buildings from here to the pedestrian street 
are all foreign architectural styles.
There is an illusion that entering here seems 
to be a different world from the outside.

In a food street,
Watching everyone gather in front of a street vendor,
It turned out from the entrance of Keelung Temple in Taiwan,
Alishan barbecue and sha cha squid,
My head is not enough.
Am I ignorant?


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